Why "YEAH"?
It has been quite a week. Actually, quite a year and it's only begun. I had quite a few good things happen this week, so things are beginning to looking up.

1. I had a big project at work that carried over from 2005. It was a very complicated and stressful work project that involved many staff and alot of disagreements, etc. However, it was completed this week and I will now have my free time back and be able to concentrate on my life. No more bringing work home and working on work on the weekends!!! It's not a way to live, that's for sure. So, yeah for getting my life back!

2. Yeah... I found a knitting group near home, met up with them saturday morning. It was so much fun!!! We got alot of knitting done, talked about anything and everything, including knitting stories and best of all it was sooo relaxing! The 2 hours flew!! I can't wait until next month's meet-up. I have to say knitters are the nicest group of people anyone will ever meet.

3.Yeah... I found a knitting class and signed up ASAP! it's a class for a variety of levels of knitters. I consider myself to be an intermediate knitter. The class will teach the basics to new knitters with a goal to complete a project in 5 weeks. For more advanced knitters, the class will be offering advanced techniques in knitting and original designs . I like to learn about how to go about designing my own garments. This will be information for future use. I'm definitely not ready for that step yet!!!

4. Yeah, for socks! I wanted to be able to have the heel finished this weekend and that can still happen, but not for this post (darn!). Still, I'm having fun with the pattern and the knitter in saturday's group (whose made dozens of socks, with 6 on the needles right now!!!) complemented me on my progress,thus far! I plan to have one sock done by Kim's next patrol through my blog!

5. Yeah, for Kim of knitter in progress who started the stash-a-long and got me focused on knitting with yarn I have at home. It's really got me thinking about what to do with the stash and, by working on my current projects, I'm using up yarn and of course, making room for more. So, thanks Kim for your encouragement,weekly patrol and reigning in this stash-obsessessed knitter! I imagine this takes up a lot of your time.

6. Yeah, for cats. I just had to show off Samantha. If there's knitting to be done she there! yarn, needles, notions...she doesn't care! It's all good! My other cat Allegra could care less about knitting. I'll have to get some photos of her just being her cute self!!
Hope all of you had some yeah moments in your life this week.
Get knitting!!!


Kim said...

Yeah for finding a knitting group--it's great when you find a group you really click with! Thanks for including me in your list--I love visiting all the blogs(and it keeps me busy, so I'm not too tempted to buy anything)--I'm glad it's working for you--it's really helping me get things done I was dragging my feet on. Just passing through on Stashalong patrol and have a great week!

Chris said...

Chaos says "Hi" to Samantha, who obviously loves knitting as much as he does.

Congrats on finding a knitting group! I defintely need to get off my butt and find a new one. I always learn so much and have such fun...

And glad to hear that your life will be more lifelike and less worklike. :)