Take a sock to lunch!

I love always having a sock project for those times when a bigger project is not feasible. However, I'm constantly being driven crazy, when pulling the sock out of the bag. Why? The needles fall out of the sock and I have get it back on without messing up the pattern/stitches. So, while strolling through wal-mart the other day, I saw mothers checking out a lunch box for her kiddies that stopped me dead in my tracks. Now, I should be bringing my lunch to work because I'd have more money to buy yarn, of course. I always seem to choose an extra five...10...Okay,okay 20(I'm lying)30 minutes of sleep after the alarm goes off! This lunch box was not meant for no stinking lunch, it was meant for my socks!!! Looking at it from the outside its just a regular old lunch box. I like it because when I open it up I can easily pick up the sock and needles without losing anything. It's small so easy to carry. What is really a nice plus with this box, is the compartment inside the box.

It has a zippered compartment that holds ALL of the knitting supplies (pattern, pen, measuring tape, markers, etc.). I'm now a very happy sock knitter and keep my cursing to a minimum!!! How much did this peace of mind cost me ? $6.99 plus tax. I'm sure you can get this lunch box anywhere that sells lunch boxes. I read a blog recently where the knitter divided and lined the inside of a metal lunch box she got on e-bay. It was really cute, but I'm in lazy mode at the moment and wanted instant gratification. Okay enough about this topic.
I'm still sailing along on the "M sampler" KAL. Week 4 just ended and I'm current (hard to believe). This week's pattern is called "Roman Arches" Here is a picture of the sampler (please blogger, work!)

The blogger gods are with me. I didn't have to resort to plan B. Anyway, I love working on this sampler. I've never worked on anything with a lace pattern. So, this is good practice for me, because I have some lace projects on my ever growing list! When I started the sampler, I was anxious because there were no pictures to guide me. My solution? Wait for someone to finish a section and look at their photos. Now? I just jump in and knit. I now like seeing the pattern unfold! The other patterns in the sampler included the M initial, snowdrops, ladders, and zippers. This week's roman arches should be fun!!! This knit-along now has close to 700 knitters! The people are loving the group so much, a weekly pattern(Wednesdays) is offered of international patterns for people to take. Many of them are special family,cultural, or favorite patterns. Cool!

I'm still reading "The Princes Of Ireland". It's a good read. The first chapter gave a really lush description of the genesis of the land. The second is about the people who inhabit the island. I'm now meeting the main characters and the plot thickens. Of course any book that had druids and secret plots has my attention! It's also fun to have an appendix for pronouncing some of the Irish names/terms. Just when I think I have the hang of it...I don't!!!

I can do all this posting with pictures, but I'm brainless when it comes to the sidebar. I've made such good blog friends and read such awesome blogs that I want to shout to the world where they can find you all! I thank all of you who have added me to your list of blogs to read. I always get that "WOW" feeling when I see my blog listed. Again, thanks. My goal this week is to figure things out and plump up the side bar.
Have a great week and get knitting !


What kind of weather are you?

Wow, 2 short posts in one day...end of the world? I was playing on the computer and found this quiz. I was hoping to be more edgy or more ferocious...thunderstorm? hurricane?, but truthfully, this weather is me for the most part. I do have some stormy days.

You Are Sunshine

Soothing and calm

You are often held up by others as the ideal

But too much of you, and they'll get burned

You are best known for: your warmth

Your dominant state: connecting

A quick hello!

This is a quick post to say hello. I will have a more thorough post tomorrow. I can't believe how the time gets away from me sometimes. I've been moving slow as molasses in this heat. For me, it's the humidity that's a killer! I went to Arizona a couple of summers ago and one of the days was 123 degrees and that was the day we picked to do outdoor activities! However, it was dry heat and despite high temps, I really enjoyed myself. Florida is one of my off-limits place to life, cuz of the humidity. I've done more blog reading than knitting this week (Will you all stop having such fun and interesting blogs, so I can get some knitting done?). From my reading of some blogger blogs, the theme has been no pictures because blogger is acting up. I'm prepared. I got a back-up plan (what a pain). Anyway, enjoy the evening and drop in tomorrow for some knitting content. Thanks, for taking the time to read this blog!


Week in Review

Hi secret pals, spoiler and spoilee. I hope your have a good summer and keeping cool. I will be sending another package out next week to my spoilee. I love spoiling people!!!

I think I'm doing well with my summer reading challenge. I've read 3 books on my list and am on to the 4th. I've enjoyed reading all of them. All three of the books I've read have been page turners and always had the books in my face because I couldn't wait to know what happened next! This next read will be slower paced I think, but I'm looking forward to a more leisurely pace.

"The Princes of Ireland" Is a book that explores "Celtic roots in a magnificent epic of Ireland spanning eleven centuries". The author of the book, Edward Rutherford does this using fictional characters to portray major events in Irish history. It looks really good!!! From Ireland, I'll be traveling to Japan (in my head,anyway) to read the Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm going to be a world traveler without leaving my porch!
There has been knitting going on this week. I think I mentioned it in my last post, but can't remember. I made something for my secret pal, but can't reveal it here, until after SP8. I don't want her to guess quite yet, who I am. I've also been working on my sampler for the "Sampler M knit-a-long. It's coming along well and I'm ready for the next pattern. There are 29 patterns in all. The sampler is made out of cotton and size 0 needles. Here is a progress picture.

Although size 0 are the smallest needles I've worked with, the project moves quickly and looks good (I'm so modest). The first square is the letter "M" .There has been some discussion as whether the M is the initial of the knitter or means something else. This particular sampler was made by a young girl in the 16oo's. When the sampler is displayed, the "M" is actually upside down and looks like a "W". (how lucky for me! I can use it as my initial). The second pattern was named "snowdrop" by Carla, the woman who interpreted the pattern and wrote the directions. It's difficult to see in my picture, so here is the flower it represents.(blogger has decided to limit my pictures. #%&* never works!!!)

I'm stubborn, so let's see If I can end this blog with a picture of my niece. It was her first birthday and she had a great time. I almost fell on the floor when I heard her say "what up"! She also says Dada and mama and what that as she points. That girl's gonna be a talker. Just like her auntie!!!

I love my new toy!
I had to be sneaky about getting my pictures on this blog. Thank you "HELLO" this program allows me to send pics to blogger. Blogger needs to get this fixed!!!
Anyway, Everyone have a wonderful weekend and keep cool! Here in MA, it's going to be hot,humid and hazy at 90 degrees. As the witch in Oz would say "I'm melting!"


It's All about the spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After having a grumpy monday and the thought of having to work on the holiday (I work at a hospital), I came home to a wonderful sight. My mail box was bulging because it was filled with mail! I'm one of those people who loves most junk mail (catalogs, new stores, sale flyers). I opened the box and folks believe me when I say THIS was not junk mail. It was a package from my secret pal!!! woot! I know you all THINK you have the best secret pals in the world, but...behold!

First thing I saw was some scrumptious yarn. 3 skeins of multicolor Noro. I love the colors! Next was 3 skeins of "Paint Box" in beautiful colors. I wonder what to do with all that yarn? I just can't look at it and fondle it. My secret pal has that covered too. Next came these patterns:

She read my questionnaire and is putting me on the road to felting! I'm so excited...More projects!!! I will be making felted slippers with the fuzzy feet pattern and The Booga Bag Pattern! I love trying new things. So this is great. I bet at this point your thinking, wow what a good secret pal you have. Well, that ain't all!

This was the last but not least of a fun package! I received a tape measure, CHIBI (psych!!!) and a silk lotion bar in rosemary mint. The little blue bag you see in the picture is the cutest bag ever. This will be great when I just want to carry my license, money and keys on the weekend. I can let it hang from the belt of my jeans and be hands free!!
I guess I could have said just thank you secret pal, but I wanted to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and effort she put into spoiling me. THANKS, SECRET PAL!
Wow, I think I have to go lie down now. I posted two days in a row!
Have a wonderful holiday!!!


Hostesses, Angels and Updates!

It's been a crazy, busy week and summer has just begun. First, There was a little glitch with my Secret Pal 8 exchange. I want to say that all of you Hostesses out there are fantastic. Now, I'm just going by my experience with the hostess for my group, Christine, but I imagine your also making this fun for all involved! So, thanks for your hard work!! I have a new secret pal, AKA Kate...AKA?(I don't know yet),but will do my best to figure out 8-}! Thanks, for being an Angel!!!

Let the knitting begin!

The color this month is purple. I have some nice lavender colored sock yarn that would make a great pair of Aran cabled socks! I finished the blue pair. Pictures to come. I'm also using this as my first pair of socks for the summer of socks!

I finished reading another book on my summer reading list. I'm not reading in sequence listed on this blog. I'm going by my mood! The book I just finished was a quick read and I'm missing the character already. It's a book of fiction that takes place in Ireland during the 60's and 70's. The main character in the book "Patrick Braden" is always in search of family and love. He was abandoned on a doorstep. Throughout his childhood, he longs to discover the truth of his conception,find his mother, and live a happy life. Although life is far from happy personally and culturally, and in some instances tragic, Patrick's strong personality and beliefs get him through some of his more difficult times.

I have been knitting, but I can't show it here, because my SP8 spoilee might see it!
As if I didn't give myself enough knitting to do, I've joined a KAL to replicate an antique sampler. The woman who organized this thinks it would be exciting to make a sampler that is as unique as the person knitting it. She has gone through the trouble of knitting the sampler herself and writing down the patterns (with original mistakes and a version with mistakes corrected). She is hoping that some people will want to use contemporary fibers to give it a new look. It's really exciting because people from all over the world have joined. When I joined, there were approx. 145 people. There are now over 600. The youngest knitter is 12 years old and the oldest 81 years old. I will have a picture of the original sampler in my next post.