It was worth all the holiday stress!

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The above is a picture of my niece. She looks sooo cute!! She wore a red velvet dress with white fur trim on the hem & sleeves, with a red santa hat! She is almost six months old and the best baby in the world! ( I'm the auntie, I can make comments like this 8-) ). she only cries or fusses when she's hungry or wet. Otherwise, she always smiling and loves people! She has 2 new bottom front teeth and is enjoying a good chew on her new teddy bear blanket.

We all gathered at my mother's house for dinner. We had such a good time. Everyone was there and of course there was excellent food, music, and good conversation! Was there any knitting going on? Yes, there was!! knowing how my family likes to hang out and talk, I brought a scarf to work on (no need to concentrate and it's a small project). My neice asked me all sorts of questions about knitting, such as "Did you knit when you were a girl?" "What d'ya knitting?" " Is it hard?". She's ten years old and wants to learn! yeah, I get to pass it on!!!

Enough of me going on about my christmas. I hope all you bloggers had a safe and happy holiday. Let's do it again! Now get knitting!!


If they can do it, I can...

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It appears Allegra and Samantha have made a truce, sharing the bed without hissing and sniper shots. ..when the unsuspecting victim gets smacked with an outstretched paw, at lightening speed. Followed by a facial expressions that says " what's YOUR problem?"

Work has really been making me crazy lately. I love my work, but,upper managment... It's gotten to the point it doesn't take much for me to get upset, about the smaller issues. It's time for me to take a long hard look at my reasons for staying, and what my goals are for 2006. I've decided to follow the cat's lead and have a personal truce with work, so I can enjoy the holidays. Otherwise, I'll lose my mind and a mind full of knitting is a terrible thing to waste!!

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I was out shopping for a couple of last minute gifts, when I spied "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick. You can guess what happened next. Yep...that's right, I bought it! A gift for you and a gift for me. I love shopping!!! Anyway... I was looking through the book and saw these mini sweaters. They're really egg cozies, but can be used to decorate. I've already decided to make a bunch of these with yarn from other projects and string them together to make X-mas tree garland(2006, not time now!) If, you haven't checked this book out, do so. It's got some really quick and fun projects. (In truth, I'm probably the last knitter to look at it, because ya'll are always on top of anything knitting related 8-0>!)

The picture of my Christmas Tree below does not do it justice. It's smaller this year, but decorated just right. It really puts me in the holiday mood when the lights are on, knitting in hand and a glass of wine near by. What more could I ask for...well, don't get me started!
Keep knitting and Happy Holidays to all!

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Lights, Camera,Action...Blog Photo!!!!!!!

Finally, I managed to put a photo on my blog! I still have a lot to learn, but this is a start, Yeaaah!!!!!!! The beauty in the picture is Samantha. You can't tell by the cover or the cat laying claim to it, but it's the newest Harry Potter. Anyone who owns a cat will tell you, it's no good argueing with a cat...you'll lose!! Allegra, the resident maine coon cat is in the background wondering what the fuss is about. And, before you even think about asking, not that you would, but... she's not named after the allergy medicine! Her name is a musical term meaning "light and quick" and she is!!!

Since, I won't be reading HP anytime soon, I might as well do the next best thing...knit, of course! My "Prisoner of Azkaban " scarf is coming along well. It's easy to do... just a very long scarf. I'm determined to finish some knitting and crochet projects to start the new year off right. Believe me fellow knitsters, when I tell you , I have a loooooooooooooooooong list of knitting projects for 2006.

Have a good week and keep knittng!!! (p.s. I hate mondays!!!)

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