knitting at a snail's pace this week.

I had planned to do lots of knitting this weekend, but that didn't happen. I had unexpected visitors for the weekend! My fingers were just itching to touch some yarn and needles. So instead, I'm going to sit on the couch this evening and knit, while watching t.v. A relaxing way to end a busy weekend!
I placed a pic with this post to show what I've done on the scarf. I'm also knitting a swatch for my socks. One of my new year's goal is to swatch for all projects. Swatching makes me crazy, because I'm always anxious just get new projects started, but I'm going to behave and do it! I know the results will be much better in the end! I wish everyone a good week and more time to knit, so..
Get Knitting 8>) !


defragme said...

That's a handsome-lookin' scarf. I like the colors.

Nik said...

your niece is just too cute for words.