Rhinebeck here I come...I'm a Player and a Square!

When I saw the date of my last post, I almost fell off my chair! Yikes!!! All I'm gonna say is "Ditto" cause I have the same reasons for not blogging that you've read on other blogs and I don't want you to have read them again!

I'm very excited aboutgoing to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. I've never been before, but always read about how much fun it was and of course, there's all that beautiful fiber! Like I'm in dire need for more yarn(LOL), but I just have to feed my addiction. I'm also going to jump right in and play Rhinebeck Bingo. It's a chance to meet lots of other fiber lovers and knit bloggers. I heard it was a blast last year, so I'm jumping in with both feet this year and being a player and a square! The object is to find all of the players who are on your bingo card. I got mine via e-mail and the countdown to Rhinebeck begins. 2 days and counting. There will be prizes for bingo and who doesn't love prizes!
I'm going by way of Yarn Safari Tours. It's run by a woman named Peta Bailey who arranges bus tours to the various fiber events in New England. I'll be able to meet fellow knitters and sit back, socialize and knit. Who could ask for more? No driving to New york for
me! Anyone else out there in blogger land going on the Yarn Safari bus? Drop me a comment!
Now onto knitting...
I really have been knitting . I finished a pair of socks that have been sitting around since March and another pair is close to being done (clementine's). Of course, I can't leave sock knitting alone until I completely finish all my UFOs. I've started another pair "Watermelon"...love these socks! Last but not least, the lace leaf pullover is finis! I really like but the grafting....aaaaaaaaaaaah! That's all I'm saying for now. I'll give more details in the next post when I show it off! Despite the screaming, I'd make it again! I don't have any pictures of the above for this post (no batteries in the camera), but I'll have some for the next post.
Almost time for the "Bionic Woman" gotta go!