A mouse of my own!

Hi everyone in blog land. Wendy is out today and I'm a little bored...can ya tell? I never get to post on this blog. So, I'm taking over! Also, I like playing with the mouse. It's not a mouse as I know it. You know like the cute little furry kind...They're not allowed in the house! No wonder I'm bored! Anyway, I was checking out blogs and Finn from Pink lemonade, oops... pink lemon twist left an open invitation for a meme. It's my first...Here goes:

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was en route, almost born

2.What are 5 things on your To Do List for today, in no particular order?
- Eat. Actually, this could BE the list of 5 things.

-. I'd Sun myself a bit on the bedroom window ledge or by the slider door, but it's too hot and I can't unzip myself out of this fur coat! So instead, I'll lay out near the air conditioning. I love the way the air blows my fur about!

-Check each of the windows for birds I can chirp at and make other funny sounds.

- Unroll the toilet paper in the bathroom (I usually do this when I'm bored or being annoying)

- Wash myself from head to toe. I love doing this, but hate the fur balls ...yuck!

3. Favorite snacks?

cat food, yarn (she won't let me near the stuff!), human food (when I can get on the counter without being noticed!), kitty snacks, and I love chewing on those little plastic milk caps. Of course, a little cat nip is great crack..ooh, snack!

4. What would you do if you were a millionaire?

No brainer, Daily order of McDonald's chicken nuggets and fresh shrimp. Then, I'd hire Wendy full time to take of my every whim (then I could get on the dining room table anytime I want!) and who knows me better than she!

5. List the places you've lived:
a. Marshfield, MA (I was born here at the CodyCats Cattery).

b. Middleboro, MA

Just like Finn , I won't be tagging anyone in particular, but if you need a blog post, feel free to consider yourself tagged!

Well time for me to sign off. It was fun and I'll take over again sometime! Gotta go, I hear a key in the door...

P.S Wendy will be back soon!