I'm knitting again!

It snowed here yesterday. Not too much, but enough to make it look pretty in the morning sun. In lieu of a knitting photo (I'll have one for the next posting), I've included a snow pic. No polar bears here, but I like the pic, so enjoy!

Most of this past week, I haven't felt like knitting (I must be sick or something!!!), but by friday evening, I was a knitting fool! It feels good. I woke up this morning and picked up the needles, while waiting for my coffee. Yeah, I'm back! Work hasn't changed since my last post, but I have some new goals in place and hopefully there will be some new scenery in the near future!

I'm working on the second sock and it should be finished quickly at the rate I'm knitting! HP is next and then I'll finish the crocheted bag. I've signed up for "Project Spectrum" and am excited for that to start. The march colors are pink and red. I have mucho of both in my stash. I think a knitted or crocheted item will be the first project, since I already have the colors. I'm also signed up for "Illustration Friday" . This means I'll be posting drawings related to posted topics (I have No art talent whatsoever, but that's not stopping me 8^}!) This weeks topic is "Tea"

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and get knitting!


In-a-slump, in-a-fog, in-a fugue-state...

Just when you think everything is back to normal...it's not. Work is sucking the life out of me. I get fooled into thinking that things are going well, because I love what I do. (I'm involved in pediatric rehab) In the past, I looked forward to going to work despite departmental issues, and that's why I've stayed. However, things are so toxic where I work, that loving my job is not enough anymore. The past few weeks have even been more trying. This week made me see I can't fix a work environment that's more than dysfunctional. It's broken. So, it's time for me to make some changes. I've been in such a funk, that I'm not in a mood to do much of anything. Thus, the major lack of knitting content. Thanks for listening. Perhaps soon, it will be a livelier read! that concludes the "and" part of my blog. Onto knitting!

On a happier note, I did enjoy the stash-along's Valentine's Day shopping allowance. Thanks, Kim! I surprised myself with the restraint I had shopping at my LYS. Especially, because of all the new yarns that had just come in. I was also happy to see the interweave knits magazine out a couple of days earlier than the website announced. Kathy told me she had just gotten the magazine in that day. Perfect timing! She now sells bamboo yarn and the colors are beautiful! So, I think I'll try some bamboo yarn during "project spectrum". Maybe for may, june or july depending on the available colors. I already have a pattern in mind. I think I did pretty well limiting my yarn purchase(see picture above). I couldn't pass up the "Knitted Babes" book. I think my neices will love these dolls! "who am I kidding?" I'll have just as much fun making them!

I'm glad for this 3 day weekend. It will give me time to recoup. I've already started relaxing since I got some knitting time in today. My poor sock is in need of it's mate! Happy long weekend everyone and get knitting!


This looks like a sock you'd by from a store!

Today's photo is brought to you by "Photo Impressions". I forgot to buy more batteries for my camera. So, there will be no knitting progress pics today. I really have to get a battery charger or invest in some battery stock, cuz I'm always buying batteries for something! Enjoy the photo. It's where I'd like to be "gellin like a felon" right now. I have such a case of spring fever and it's a long way off!!!

What's up with knitting you ask? Or not... I just finished my first sock, YAH!! I keep looking at it in amazement, thinking I really did it(with a little help from "Socks 101" ( web tutorial with pics and step-by-step instructions for heel and gusset).I've cast on right away for the second sock. No sock syndrome here! I got a nice complement from a non-knitting friend(I',m working on converting her.8-> ). She said: "Wow, this looks like a sock you'd by at a store. You got skills!" "How did you do this?" The Harry Potter scarf is a little over half way completed. So, I'm happy with myself about knitting progress. Also, Kim and others who commented on this blog about sock addiction, You were all right! I love socks!! I'm already searching for more patterns, cuz I still have sock yarn in the stash. By the way, I've decided not to go crazy on the valentine's day stash-along furlough. (Kim your really having an influence on me!) I've already chosen a project and will buy yarn for that project only. I really want to make "Trellis & Vine" by sauniell N. Connally. It's a pattern on the MAGKNITS website. They've got the February patterns up. hmmm, I was just thinking, maybe I'd also buy a little more sock yarn...(damn, off the wagon already!). Have a good rest of the weekend and week.
Get knitting!!!