eenie, meenie, minie, moe...pick one from the stash and GO!

I"ve decided to start using the sockotta yarn to make my first pair of socks. When I started knitting, I swore I would never make a pair of socks, when there were so many scarves, sweaters, shawls etc.. to be made. ( translation: waste of time). However, after reading many of the blogs out there and reading how much fun people have making them and seeing how great the finished socks look, I feel compelled to make a pair ...or 20 8-)! There are so many patterns and of course, so many sock yarns to choose from... no no, I must'nt think yarn or I'll be heading to the nearest LYS.

I was driving around doing errands when I passed by a yarn shop. I started thinking maybe, I'll just go in and look around. After all, I don't have any project info with me,sooo..., what's the harm? Since when has not knowing how much yarn needed for a project stopped any of us from buying yarn, just in case...

NO, I didn't buy any yarn (ye of litle faith)! Instead, I drove right by that store and ordered a pizza! It's gonna be a tasty 3 months at this rate (haha!). Hope everyone is having fun discovering just what's in that stash.
I'll have a progress picture soon of the first sock. Let's hope I don't come down with sock syndrome 8-0!
get knitting!

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Kim said...

Good for you--resisting the pull of the yarn shop(I KNOW how hard that is). Your first pair of socks--exciting--they are addicting. Just popping through on weekly Stashalong patrol.