That bug came out of nowhere!

I swear I was as healthy as could be until Thursday night, when I got those little body signals that tell you that, "Something wicked this way comes". I was exhausted for no reason and the "nose thing". You know, you just don't feel right. By Friday afternoon, I knew it wasn't gonna be a just "little cold" and by Saturday the couch was my best friend. All I could do was look wistfully at my knitting bag and wish. I seem to have lost the "faucet handle" to my nose to stop the flood! If any of you readers have stock in the tissue companies, you should notice an increase in profits!! Anyway enough of how I was invaded by the body snatchers...

My cats were very empathetic and chilled for the weekend.

Knitting update: I finished one of the socks I'm knitting for Project Spectrum. I had planned to crank the second one out this weekend. Instead the second sock will be this week's goal.

I'm also excited for May's (tomorrow) Project Spectrum color- Green. Now that spring is here, there should be plenty of green around!

Have a good week and get knitting!


Gadget girl and Prison Break...

I love trying out new gadgets. Some end up being useless. Others make me glad I tried them! Today's "Show and Tell" include a knitting thimble, Norwegian knitting thimble and a stitch holder for circular knitting...Cool, huh? The two thimbles are for keeping two color knitting yarns separate as they're knitted. The Norwegian thimble is the one made of metal. It might not be as cumbersome (don't want that vocab going to waste).

My socks for project spectrum are progressing. I'm working on the heel. More pics to come. This is a short post tonight because I'm hooked on the series, "Prison Break". There's more suspense in this series than is legal! Just when I think I've figured it out...Damn! Always a plot twist! Anyway gotta grab my needles and go!

Get knitting!


Knitting , Crocheting, and some proud auntie pics

This week's knitting content is limited. I'm still working on the socks I started a couple of weeks ago for project spectrum. I'm having fun knitting them, but just haven't found large chunks of time to get anywhere! The first sock is just about down to the heel flap. As soon as these are done, I want to finish the bolero top and start a pair of "sixth sense socks" from the six-sock-knitalong I joined. As all you knitters know, we're like the energizer bunny...Keep goin and goin!

I crochet, but not as much as I knit. Something about the patterns just remind me of afghan squares and crocheted dishtowels turned into clothing, or those barbie-like dolls-in-gowns tissue covers (you know the ones!). However, recently I've seen some garments that I would definitely wear and they look nothing like what I imagined! I bought the "Spring Interweave Crochet" and was pleasantly surprised! After looking through the magazine (intense scrutiny, really) I found some patterns I'd make with a few modifications . Anyone whose has the magazine, what do you think?

1. Guilded Twinset: pg-14/15: I like the design and the idea of mixing knitting and crochet in one garment. I'd make it in a different color and ditch the bow on the camisole!The design is by Mari Lynn Patrick. I'm not familiar with her other designs, but I'd look for more.

2.Lacy Leaf Cocoon - pg.30/31- This pattern just pulls me in. I don't know what it is about it. It's got that element to it that makes me think of the household crochet object to garment change. The designer stated she got her "inspiration from vintage doiles (seee!). I said above that's why I don't crochet garments. Having said that, there are elements of this pattern that I really like! So, what to do? Make it of course!, I love a challenge. This one was designed by Annie Modisett and there are few (and I mean few!)designs of hers that I haven't considered making. In my hot little hands, I have the famous "corset" and "butter and jam" patterns and there are others in interweave knits issues that are earmarked.

3.Tassel tote: pg 35 Cute bag!

4. Pink Frosting- pg.48-52: I really like this. I'm not a caplet sleeve kind of girl, so they'd have to go. Otherwise, I'd make it as is. It's another design in this issue that's a combination knit/crochet. I also might forgo the one of the crochet rows of ruffles. The designer is Elissa Sugisita.

There are other projects in the book such as cardi wrap,children's sweater (cute),caplets, and some accessories. The two dresses to crochet are surprisingly cute and look like dresses. However, whether it be knit,crocheted, or sewn, I'm not into making dresses.

If you think you'd want to expand your fiber horizons, pick up a copy.
Here are a couple of pictures of my neice. The little one is shown enjoying her first tast of meringue from a lemon meringue pie. One of these pics has a little orange /yelow project spectrum goin' on.

enjoy your week and get knitting!


She's a maniac, maniac...

Nooo, I'm not flashdancing in my living room, but I am a maniac for socks these days! After finishing my first pair of socks, I went looking for a new pattern and some yarn. I bought some knit picks yarn in "Zinnia" and a pattern called Seaweed socks by designer Nancy T McGlynn. It's a fun pattern to knit and has a really cool pattern. The pattern can't be seen until the first 12 rows are completed. I sat back and looked at what I'd knitted and thought "wow"! The Zinnia colored yarn is perfect for this month's Project Spectrum! See progress below. My picture doesn't do the pattern justice. I'm going to have to try different angles/shots to get better pics.

Of course, I couldn't stop at buying 2 little skeins of yarn for a pair of socks, I went CRAZY! Between internet shopping and supporting my LYS, I have enough yarn to make socks into the next millennium! (Nah, not really...Maybe next few months!). Don't even get me started on the handpainted yarns! (excuse me...Drooling). Here is a pic of yarn goodness!

I'm also in the middle of making a bolero type cardi...Photos later. It's cloudy and chilly...Dammed cold in MA! So, I'll get lots of knitting done today.

Enjoy today and get knitting!!



I've made it though the stash-along without buying one single solitary skein, ball,hank, or knot of yarn!!!Though I was envious of those who took the plunge and bought yarn! However, the addiction to knitting and yarn had to go somewhere. I now need to by a bookshelf display the knitting books I purchased!! It really was a fun 3 months and I've met some new bloggers!. I completed the Harry Potter scarf and my first pair of socks. Two out of three planned projects were completed...Not bad! I also started a project for my knitting class using yarn from the stash. That's reduced the stash a little more. I want to thank Kim from "Knitter in Progress" for doing this STASH-A-LONG! I'm not going to join the monthly one right now (I need to get some yarn goodness!), but I am going to try to buy yarn specifically for projects I have in mind to keep the stash more manageable! One more thing... I'm now a sock-a-holic and have no plans to seek help through a "12 step stop the sock madness" group (Nah, I bet one doesn't exist, who'd want to stop %-))

Project spectrum colors for April are yellow and orange. I can't say enough about how I'm enjoying this project! These days I'm looking for color everywhere and in everything! Last month I made a bunch of stitch markers in pink, red, and in combinations of those colors. I'm pleased with the way they came out. This month, I'm going to make socks in yellow and orange! I'm also going to grab my camera and head outside (yeah, for spring) and get some project spectrum photos!

I will give more specific details on the sock pattern and yarn, once I get it started.
I can't wait to see some of the completed projects from other spectrum participants. Even if your not participating, go visit "Lolly knitting around blog" for pictures. People are very creative!!
Have a great weekend everyone and get knitting!