I'm a wordpress dropout, knitting, and back to blogger!

Well my blogging friends , you must be dizzy going back and forth reading postings between word press and blogger. Despite, the number of issues blogger had, I was one of the fairly lucky ones in terms of posting. I wanted something new, so I switched to word press. It's been a very frustrating experience for me. Learning to post and have pictures wasn't difficult (well, maybe the pics upload, a bit...), but most of my frustration was with the post loading to my blog. It was either lost in cyber-land someplace or I'd get a 404 message! Every time, I posted it took 2 - 3 rewrites to attempt to post. It's one of the reasons, I haven't been posting lately. So, here I am! I kept the new blog name (I really like it) and ditched the blog. From now on you'll find me here. Thanks for hanging in there!!! Now onto actual knitting content!

I have been making socks for ages and decided I needed a change. Last year, I bought some really beautiful yarn and it's been sitting in my stash, waiting to become a sweater. When I bought the Loop-de-Loop book by Teva Durham, I fell in love with the green sweater that many knitters have already made. Here is a progress photo: The yarn I'm using is Van Dyck. The photos don't do justice to how beautifully shaded it is. It's a chunky yarn that's soft and easy to work with. I've finished knitting the lower body of the sweater and have starting the neck up to the leaf section. When the upper body is finished it is grafted to the lower body. I've never done this before so it will be a new learning experience. That's it for now, Enjoy the long weekend!!!