This looks like a sock you'd by from a store!

Today's photo is brought to you by "Photo Impressions". I forgot to buy more batteries for my camera. So, there will be no knitting progress pics today. I really have to get a battery charger or invest in some battery stock, cuz I'm always buying batteries for something! Enjoy the photo. It's where I'd like to be "gellin like a felon" right now. I have such a case of spring fever and it's a long way off!!!

What's up with knitting you ask? Or not... I just finished my first sock, YAH!! I keep looking at it in amazement, thinking I really did it(with a little help from "Socks 101" ( web tutorial with pics and step-by-step instructions for heel and gusset).I've cast on right away for the second sock. No sock syndrome here! I got a nice complement from a non-knitting friend(I',m working on converting her.8-> ). She said: "Wow, this looks like a sock you'd by at a store. You got skills!" "How did you do this?" The Harry Potter scarf is a little over half way completed. So, I'm happy with myself about knitting progress. Also, Kim and others who commented on this blog about sock addiction, You were all right! I love socks!! I'm already searching for more patterns, cuz I still have sock yarn in the stash. By the way, I've decided not to go crazy on the valentine's day stash-along furlough. (Kim your really having an influence on me!) I've already chosen a project and will buy yarn for that project only. I really want to make "Trellis & Vine" by sauniell N. Connally. It's a pattern on the MAGKNITS website. They've got the February patterns up. hmmm, I was just thinking, maybe I'd also buy a little more sock yarn...(damn, off the wagon already!). Have a good rest of the weekend and week.
Get knitting!!!


Chris said...

High praise indeed. :)

Ah, green. I want spring to be here yesterday...

Kim said...

Socks--the knitting world's dirty little addictive secret :) I can't wait to see some pictures. Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!