What's new You ask?

Or maybe you didn't ... I'm telling you anyway! I haven't been posting for quite awhile, but I've been knitting! I'm on a finish those WIPS mission. I finished a pair of socks and work on some other socks in various stages of being done. I had also started a Clapotis. At this time, it must make me the last person on earth to cast on for this! In fact, I've seen many blogs where people have knitted it more than once. A few hearty souls have made several (4 or more)!!! It has been fun working on it. I'm making mine with bamboo yarn. It's really coming along nicely.

At some point this spring I became a lace addict and cannot pass on a lace KAL as evidenced by the buttons on the right!!! Have I completed them all ? No. Even started each one? Nope! They'll get done...someday. Now as if I didn't have enough knitting in my hands and overflowing out of my knitting basket, I"m now participating in the Ravelympics. You've all probably read about this until your eyes bleed by now, so I'll be brief (sort of).

The events will coincide with the opening and closing of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. I will have 17 days to complete one or more knitting projects. I have challenged myself by signing up for two events: 1.) the Sweater Sprint and 2.) the Sock put. I am knitting the Canopy Cardigan from KNITSCENE and Gumdrop socks. Pictures to follow (translation: can't find the damn things). I joined Team Overly Ambitious Yet Plausibly Possible -OAYPP and these mates are ambitious! Can't wait to see what we do. I've knit a pair of socks in three days for Sock Madness the first year out, but that's the extent of my speed knitting. Now I'm committed to a sweater AND a pair of socks in seventeen days...
If you smell something burning or see smoke, don't worry, it's me setting those needles on fire with my lightening fast knitting!(LOL ;0) ).
Well, that's it for now. I will have more juicy pictures and info on projects and progress. Gotta go...Allegra, STEP AWAY FROM THE YARN!!!