In my last post, which was eons ago (June!), I stated I would not be joining any KALS for the summer ,because I get too stressed trying to finish everything. After writing that post, I was net surfing and found the Kauni KAL. I just had to join ,despite my post about a join free summer!(So, much for my resolve 8-o ) !). I got a comment posted by a reader (who had a good chuckle while reading it). Why you ask? Cuz she found my blog though the KAL! BAM, caught joining another knit along! When I read her comment, I had a good laugh and a laugh AT myself!!! I must remember to take off my invisibility cloak! Here is a picture of what made me join the KAL ! Many people are making their Kauni sweaters in the original rainbow color seen in the picture. I like it ,but wondered whether it would be too bright for me. So, I ordered the yarn in a different multicolored shade. Mine will be made in shades of Autumn. Here is a picture. It has golds,browns,reds and a couple of other fall colors. I really like the look of it and can't wait to make this one. I'm not starting it until I finish a couple of other items. I'm actually glad I joined this KAL because some of the gauge information and sizing in the pattern is as clear as mud to me! Knitters participating in this KAL are unbelievable! There has been so much sharing of information that by the time I'm able to start this sweater, I should no problem making it. Thanks in advance to any Kauni Kal readers!
In other knitting news, my Teva Durham sweater is coming along. The bottom half of the sweater is done and the top half of the sweater is nearly complete. I had to go to the frog pond once and rip it back to the collar. That was a big rip back! It was almost completed, but the look of the leaves at the neck was bugging the hell out me. They looked wonky, while the leaves at the bottom looked beautiful. That was not going to do, so...rip it. rip it. I have two pairs of socks and both are close to the heel. I'm a little stuck on one of sock heels, because instead of making it on 2 circular needles, I chose DPNS. I think I just need to find a quiet few minutes to read and mull it over to figure out the orientation for knitting the heel and gusset. It's a really cool sock pattern I got from a Socktopia knitting competition. My team came in second, but it was a fun re-match!
Non knitting news... Harry Potter! I reserved a copy at my local borders and picked up yesterday. I can't wait to see how it ends. I have all I can do not to look at the last page! I did not go the Hallows Ball bash all the borders had, but heard it was fun. I was too tired Friday night to stand in line after midnight waiting for my reserved copy of the book. Instead, I picked it up the next day and still got a free poster and magic wand! (will I every fully grow up? Hope not!). I think my 9 year old niece will enjoy the extras. All of you enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Sending out happy knitting thoughts!