Irregular Socks ...How'd I do that!

When I was a kid, I'd go shopping with my mom and she'd sometimes buy an item labeled something like: "Irregular sheet" or just a white tag with "irregular" written and stuck to the outer packaging. I asked her one time what this meant. She said "It means that the item wasn't perfect. It had a little defect", but was still good to use. I thought to myself: "Hmm, in that case, I knew a lot of irregular things and people!" I did wonder why she'd purposely want something "irregular". Especially, when she had to pay for that way! Funny thing, I usually coudn't find the little defect and when I did it was usually a little extra stitching where a small tear might have been or the color was dyed evenly. My mom was right. It was just fine. Perfect in it's own way.

Well, my just finished socks are just a bit "off". First of all, I used a pattern from the Plymouth company that was supposed to be a a simple top down sock with short-row heels. I've knit several pairs of socks and thought this would be a breeze (all my other socks had stitch patterns). These socks had a little bit of ribbing and then it was just knit until I got the length I wanted for the sized needed to fit. The pattern wasn't well written and a beginner would've sworn off socks after knitting these. Now, despite how the pattern was written, I should have been paying more attention to setting up the sock for the toe portion. Instead, I blindly followed what I thought was the right place to start the decreases. Having knitted for a bit, I should be able to look at a pattern and modify as needed or least know how to set up a toe. I had already kitchnered (real term?) the toe and was admiring my work, when...damn! My seam was going right down the center of the sock! So, I have one sock that's irregular( 8-D ) and one that's done the usual way. They both fit/feel fine and mostly knitters would be able spot the mistake. I decided to leave it as knitted ! Can you tell which one is irregular?

It also counts as a project spectrum color FO for February/march!

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. It's amazing how time flies! When I last blogged, I was moaning and groaning about my knee. First of all thanks to everyone who wished me well ! I didn't get to e-mail everyone back. So, here's the scoop: An X-ray was taken and the only thing it showed was a little degeneration and free floating debris. Not enough to cause the pain I was having. I finally got to see the orthopedic Doctor this week. He thinks I tore the meniscus (cartilage). So, I'm having an MRI on Monday and then have a follow-up appointment a few days later. So, I'll keep you updated. It is definitely feeling a lot better than when I last posted. The only time the pain worsens is when the knee gives out on occasion. That's the part the Dr.'s not happy about. However, I'm feeling much better now, I'm also a knitting maniac again!

It's 11:19pm , but I had to post and now...Good night and dream well!



What's all the shouting about? I got my final package from my secret pal and the reveal. This wonderful package came from Vicki over at http://vickiknits.blogspot.com . I've had so much fun getting to know her! She is making sure that I get some new experiences in knitting. In her last package she sent me a needle felting kit. In this package she sent me some items to learn a new skill. I'll show you the picture. See if you can figure out what I will be learning to do this year!

I've been thinking about dyeing my own yarn to make socks for the last few months and I couldn't believe it when I opened the box and saw the yarn and kool-aid. Vicki also gave me some sock yarn in "Morning Glory" . I've never used malabrigo yarn, but have wanted to try it. The color is a yummy looking and soft to the touch "velvet grape". Now I just have to pick out a pattern! I love it all. This should keep me blog postings for a while.

In the box was also some delicious dark chocolate truffles and Milk chocolate clouds (with caramel and pecans). Both are natural /no preservatives. See, a secret pal can even keep you healthy. I also go a really pretty journal to keep track of my knitting adventures or...

The tea light candles (didn't make it into photo) made the whole box smell awesome. I have had a great time getting to know you Secret Pal! I love the packages, e-mail and cards. I'm glad I got to know you!!! I'll be dropping by your blog to see what your up to!

P.S Vicki, I bet you didn't know even the box you sent is a gift. As soon as I had taken everything out of the box to photograph, Samantha took one flying leap and landed in the box. She got herself ready for photo op! Her green eyes are so hard to capture on camera sometimes. She looks like an alien!!! Thanks again, for such a fun time!
The person I got to spoil was Adelle from http://www.girliscrafty.com She is a very talented knitter with a great blog. She also travels more than anyone I know! I'm envious!!! Go visit her!
Well that's it for this post. This round of secret pal is done. I've done the last 2 rounds (SP8& SP9). I'm going to sit the next one out and go back for more in the summer!