Wow, I'm in!!!

I play well with others!

After reading about it on a few blogs,I signed up in early June for Ravelry and got my invite on Saturday. I can't believe how much is going on there and how good it's going to be to find so much information in one place. When it comes to knitting sometimes I have amnesia and end up buying more needles, stitch holders, etc... I already have. Ravelry allows one to keep a personal inventory of yarn,books, and other knit related stuff. I had some time today to go through two of the boxes I have in my closet and talk about amnesia! I swore I had not one acrylic yarn in my stash. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had quite a bit! When I went back to knitting 5 years ago, I wasn't as choosy about yarn as I am now. My only thought was how much I needed, weight and softness. Blasphemy I know, but I didn't think much about the fiber. Oh...color was the only other consideration. However, I thought I had given most of it away, but obviously hadn't. I still like the colors and tended to buy the Caron-soft and I actually have red heart-soft. Looking at the yarn now, I think they might make great sweaters for my nieces. I don't tend to make sweaters for young children because they grow so quickly and I don't want my sisters worrying about taking special care. So, know I can knit some cute everyday sweaters that can be tossed in the washing machine. Everyone's happy. It can also be used to make toys, or bratz/barbie clothes for the girl's dolls. A little charity knitting would be good too.

Looking though my stash and thinking about what's in the other boxes, I'm seeing my progression as a knitter from newbie to intermediate/advanced (more in the intermediate)with the variety of projects I now like to knit and the kinds of fibers I've learned about and choose to use. Like everyone, I'm always looking for bargains. On occasion, I splurge and buy the "to die for" yarn. The other thing is...MY STASH IS SCARING ME TO DEATH! If I want to knit everything I've bought yarn for or are thinking about making, I don't have time to eat,sleep ,or work for a living(scratch that one, gotta work!) (hmm, perfect diet though-knit your way thin! ;-) ) Do I want to stop buying yarn? NAH!
Knitting updates:

1.I'm on the heels of the socks that have been hanging around on my needles.

2.I'm working on MS3 and loving it! I'm not as up to clue 5 yet. Melanie told us this years theme is Swan Lake. Cool, huh! She recommended using black or white yarn, but I chose indigo with gunmetal seed beads (they're blue and a little metallic looking) and a perfect match to the yarn!

3. Kauni Kal - Is on my list to do. I've put it on hold until I finish #1,#2, and#4.

4. My green sweater (Teva Durham) is coming along. I need to make the sleeves and graft the top and bottom pieces and voila, a sweater! I'm loving making this sweater using the Van dyck yarn. The search and wait for it was worth it!

Sorry for the long post. I've been too quiet on this blog! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!