Rhinebeck... It's stuck in my head!

It was really stuck in my camera, which decided not to give up the pictorial memories!!! I don't why the computer couldn't upload them, but I finally found a way to get them and without further ado...Rhinebeck!

As a newbie to I jumped in with both feet by going with a group of knitters via Yarn Safari Tours. I met some great knitters/bloggers and despite a few bugs with bus route and and late start, it was a good way to go. Next year, I like to go for the weekend. Besides the festival, the area itself is absolutely beautiful! Fall is my favorite season and the Hudson Valley area was a dream! I played blogger bingo and even before getting into the festival, I met one of the other players, Pam! She has a great blog called Lick my Sticks. I was so excited to meet my first blogger bingo person, I called her by the wrong name and then forgot to get a picture! Pam remembered. It was great to get to meet her!
There was so much to see that I walked around in awe not sure of what to do! I decided to stroll through several areas to get my head together and then shop. First, I walked around the outside vendors and animal pens and then went into some of the buildings. There were lots of knowledgeable 4H students and farmers talking about their animals and products. People for the most part were pretty laid-back and friendly, despite the large, sometimes slow moving crowds.strollers, shopping bags, etc.
Here are a few pics of some animals I saw. The little boy in the picture was great at answering every one's questions about these sweet alpacas. One was making little cooing/chirpy noises and snuggling with the other one. Sometimes, they'd snuggle around the boy and put their heads under his hand. You could tell he was very proud of taking care of these animals.

For me, it was a real eye-opener learning about all the different types of sheep there are! Here is a picture of two peaceful looking sheep. These two seemed totally unfazed by all the visitors looking at them and touching them. After seeing all these great animals and having time to get myself together, I was ready to shop! Here are pictures of the great stuff I Bought!

I promised myself not to even think about spinning... hand spindle or wheel! Seeing all those different spindles and wheels, put me over the edge! I broke down (It didn't take much !) and bought a Rakestraw Spinner and some beautiful roving (new vocabulary). I also got some lace weight yarn from Briar Rose Fibers. They also sold patterns. So, I bought a pattern I'd seen online called the bumblebee shawl. I was good and only bought two skeins of sock yarn. The pink one is made out of wool and soy silk. I haven't knit with this blend and it's so soft! I bought a few patterns (not shown) and I had to get the Ice Wine after taste testing some of the wines.

I didn't think of eating until later in the day and stuck to my usual fare... sausage with peppers and onions. Everyone was talking about how good the lamb chili and lamb kabobs were. Never, never, never...not Me! I just couldn't think about eating those cute little lambs! I know what your thinking...hypocrite...she ate the sausage. I have to draw the line somewhere. Dessert later in the day was much less of a dilemma. I had chocolate pudding cake drizzled with chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce. It was delicious!

I had a great day and can't wait till next year. I figure this post is better late than never. If your in the area next year and have never been to Rhinebeck. it's worth your time!

Now... Spider Man 3 is waiting for me