Glad for the weekend!

Until today, there wasn't much knitting accomplished. It all began Monday evening, on my way home from work. I started feeling dead tired and not in the mood to do anything, but lay on my couch, with remote in hand. In my head, I knew once my body touched down on the couch, I'd be out for the count and I should've gone straight to bed but... By 2:30 am Tuesday morning my head was over the toilet bowl and the puke-a-thon was on. I haven't been this sick in about 2 years and I hope to get a lot longer reprieve, after this bout. At times, I needed the toilet and a bucket to cover all bases (you know what I'm talkin about out there!). I was out of work for a few days and too sick to do much of anything, except drag myself to the kitchen and feed the cats. As all pet owner's know, your fuzzy,cuddly, cute as hell animals know when your sick and feel your pain, but ... Where's the food, my dish is empty, dammit!
O.K. enough of my whining. I've read a several other blogs and know there were enough stomach and other bugs to go around for everyone. Hope all of you out there are well or on the road to feeling better!!!

As can be seen in the pic above, I've started working on my first sock. Kim told me I'd be addicted to sock knitting, once I started. My first thought after losing some of the cast on stitches and some of the first row of stitches, because they kept slipping off the needles was maybe she'd meant,I'd be "committed". If this were the case, I have plenty of time for knitting! My next problem was coordinating all the needles. I also forgot to use the fourth needle as the active knitting needle. I'd look down and think "wow, I really have the hang of this and....%$##*&..ahhhhhhh.. I'd have to divide the stitches again, I forgot about using the fourth needle. Well, finally all is well in the world of sock knitting.

I have also been working on finishing my summer bag (from last summer). It's crocheted. I really like the pattern. It's one I found on the lionbrand site. I will also be lining the bag and found a material whose color is similar to the cotton yarn in "natural". It's perfect for the bag! The pattern in the material has a slighlty antique look pattern. HP scarf continues to grow (yeah!). Well that's it for this week. How is everyone else doing with the stash-a-long. Anyone stopping by for a visit, feel free to comment!
get knitting!


Kim said...

First, I hope you are feeling better--we had our share of puking this week too. Now don't give up on the socks--the first one is the biggest hurdle, once you get it done you'll love it(I hope). Just popping through on weekly Stashalong patrol! Feel better!

Ginger said...

Socks are addicting, wait till you finish that first pair . . . you'll see. =)

zeusstrik said...

I'll be visiting to see if you get addicted or just committed to the socks, I thought I was never gonna knit a pair of socks but.... And I love wearing them!!!

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