it's looking like a sock!

I started working on a pair of socks last week and initially, I didn't get much done, because I ended up frogging the same sock over and over. I had trouble with a very wide opening as I completed each round. Then, the damn stitches kept falling off the needle! However, I'm not one to give up easily! So, there will be a pair of handmade socks in this abode or else...!!!

I spent a some time re-thinking why I was having trouble with these socks. The pattern wasn't a difficult one. It was just a k2, p2 rib pattern. The yarn is a good one and I like working with it. The bamboo needles were fine. The gauge and the yarn type was appropriate. S0, what's the problem?

I went to my LYS and decided to look at some other patterns or ask the owner for a little help( she's a wonderful knitter and always willing to help her customer's with questions/problems). I found some nice sock patterns and came upon one from the Plymouth Yarn Studio made with sockotta yarn in mind. I purchased the pattern and bought size 2 needles. What a difference! I've been having so much fun with this pattern and knitting these socks! I haven't finished my first pair yet, but I'm well on my way and there will definitely be more sock knitting. I had great restraint at the yarn store. Of course, I had to touch the various new yarns that had come in, but I did not buy any!! I couldn't leave the store with just needles and a pattern, so I bought Cat Bordi's knitting with circular needles for a later time. Right now, I enjoy using the DPNS. I hope everyone is having a good week.
Get knitting!

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Just passing through on weekly Stashalong patrol. Have a great week!