Tag, double dutch, rollerblading...

When I was a kid I was always outside playing with the neighborhood kids. We played tag, jumped rope (double dutch- that's exercise!), chinese jump rope,skating and riding bikes. Of course in the "old days" we had no choice! As soon as I got home from school, My mother or grandmother told me and my sibs to change into play clothes and go outside until supper time.
As an adult, I never seem to have the time...
Now I'm sitting at my desk and looking out the window at the bright sunny day. I think for 2008, I'll try to come up with more reasons to exercise instead of reasons why I can't!

Time to get off my ass and go for a walk! So, I'm off. Hmm...Where did I put those sneakers?
Enjoy your day.
Go for a walk!
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Chris said...

I should go for a walk, but I have a cleaning bug, so I really need to milk that one!!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Yeah! You GO girl!

I just ordered a bike trainer so I can ride in the house. (No bike riding in the house!) LOL!

We're gonna be fit and fabulous in 2008!