In the middle of working on a language activitiy, one of my pediatric patients said "Bubbles!" with enthusiasm and a giggle. Now this is a kid who loves bubbles! He knows all the words to the "Bubble Song" (maybe I'll teach you sometime) and it's his favorite activity outside of playing with cars. I'm thinking to myself, cool ...that would be a nice way to end the session today. Then he says again: "Bubbles" and he's giggleing. I'm just about to to tell him, we can play with the bubbles at the end of this activity when I get a whiff of "eaude de Bubble". See class how "bubble " can have more than one meaning? Kids say and do the darndest things!!! Now where do I keep that room spray?
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Chris said...

Oh my - I bet that euphemism came into being during a bath, eh?

Nik said...

That's quite funny.

My dog blows bubbles like that.