Just another Manic Monday...NOT!

I woke up this morning my usually Monday morning crabby self because it was the beginning of another work week. I arrived at work and put my coat and bag in my office. As I was heading for the fridge to put away my lunch, I ran into the outpatient team leader who had a total look of surprise: TL: What are you doing here?

Me: Huh? (looking surprised and a little speechless. Did someone have a pink- slip party and I wasn't invited?) Ah, It's Monday. I'm supposed to be here.

TL: No, your off today. I'm not kidding, really!!!

Me: No, that can't be. I was on vacation last week. I'm supposed to be here.

TL: (laughs) Come on in (her office) look....No patients on your schedule.

Me: Sure there....HUH? How did that happen?

TL: Let's see whose name is in the computer for cancelling.

Sure enough, somehow when I cleared my schedule for vacation. I inadvertently cancelled by self for today! My team leader said "No patients today means you get to have to have today off! WOOT! What did I do next? You guessed it. I grabbed by keys, coat and bag and said: Hold all my calls! I'm going shopping!
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Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Happy Monday! Great post! Come check out my new blog look! Come check out my ONE thing for my blog today!

Macoco said...

That is fantastic! I wish that was me :)

Chris said...

Whoops. Guess your subconscious really hates Mondays. :)