A quilt, Couch, Clicker, T.V. and Knitting

I love it when I'm camped out on my couch with my "clicker" and knitting. What do people call their remote controls? Am I the only one (and my family) to call the remote control a clicker? I started calling it that when I was a kid and still do. Tonight, I'm watching two of my favorite shows: "Bones" and "House". I never saw the first episode of either one and tonight both shows are showing their first episodes! The shows are on the same station and back to back, so I might not even have to touch the "clicker". I have loved David Bonreanaz ever since his days as "Angel"! I love "House" because of the rare and weird diagnoses he and his team of tortured colleagues(House tortures them with that scalpel-like tongue of his) have to figure out each week. His bad boy behavior wouldn't fly in a real hospital, but it's fun watching him! It's also time to break out the Shibui! I feel a sock coming on.
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Chris said...

Hopefully you had a lovely restful evening and got lots of knitting done!

paula said...

I love House too, I even have hubby watching it too.