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A few posts ago, I wrote that I had signed up to parallel play with some other bloggers who wanted to blog every day for a year, except on February 28th (leap year day). This will be a day off from blogging should choose too. This posting everyday is a lot harder than I thought! I don't want to bore people who visit often. So, it will be good to challenge myself to be a better writer and to find interesting material! Today was definitely a knitterly type day. I belong to a sock group and one of the women in the group mentioned a LYS in Cohassett, MA has moved to Hingham, MA. These are quaint little towns South of Boston. I had never heard of the store, so I thought this weekend would be a good opportunityto take a ride to find it, especially because all the yarn and books in the store would be 20% off this weekend. I'm so glad I went! The store is beautiful and looks exactly the way I like a yarn store to look (if I had one ;-) . This store has every kind of yarn you could imagine and some I'd never heard of. At this point in my knitting life, I recognize a lot of different yarn brands!

The store was very well stocked and organized. The owner was there and I was very impressed with her treatment of customers and down to earth manner. It's no wonder the store was as busy as it was. Both the owner and her staff were helpful, pleasant and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the customers. I over heard the owner helping a brand new knitter choose project, needles and yarn. I bet she's given many a newbie the passion to knit on! As I was shopping she came over introduced herself, offered help and chatted for a few minutes and then left me to explore her store. I was able to get the yarn I needed for the SOTSII KAL I joined (fiddlesticks/ lace weight 50/50 wool & silk). Of course, because there was a sale, I had to buy something else...Noro sock yarn!

For anyone trying this new yarn, one of the employees gave me some helpful hints for using the Noro . she told me to:
~pull the yarn from the outside, not the middle because the yarn tends to stick on itself

~ Use slightly tighter gauge for knitting the sock because if it's too loosely knit, it will felt in the
washing machine. At the tighter gauge (tighter or smaller?) it will not felt when machine

I had some restraint and just bought the 2 different yarns, but there many many yarns to be tempted by, but I was good today!

I will definitely visit this store again for future knitting needs!

No pics today. I will take some and post them later.

Almost forgot! The name of this wonderful LYS is Creative Stitch.
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Chris said...

Blogging 5 days/week is hard - I really don't think I'd survive if I blogged every day.

Laurie (Moo!) said...

When I did NaBloMoPo I found I really enjoyed it. But ended up with a lot of free-flowing days. LOL! Good luck and have fun!

Those are some good tips for the Noro. Thanks. :-)