Fun, Fun, Fun!

I'm having too much fun on the internet and I blame it on all of you bloggers! Lately, I have to limit myself to a certain amount of time for blog reading. I really enjoy reading the knitting adventures, daily happenings, and all the other talents y'all possess. Sometimes, I'm nodding my head in agreement with people's opinions, empathizing with someone's plight,happy for other's good news or laughing myself silly over amusing stories(that I can see myself in or have experienced) !! So, thanks for sharing. Do I have a life? You bet your ass!!! But, I have to find time for my blog friends! This brings me to why I'm blaming you for my abundance of fun. I've become a join-a-holic. I'm gonna need more steps for recovery than there are in the empire state building or eiffel tower! So, if you hear me complaining in this blog that I'm too busy...Just say "shut-up".
Below find updates of knitting and my joining list (I've stopped! For now, Anyway!)

The color this month is green. This month I'm in the better later than never group for posting my observations/projects. I didn't do anything knit related, but did look around my environment to see how "green" affects me. I am a nature girl and love when every thing blooms. There is rhododendrum bush outside of my bedroom window that's beautiful. It started to bloom this weekend.
I also enjoy green tea and and have two cups I usually use. Both happen to be green. One says "Cat Lover" and the other has a sheep on it and says "Baa...Time 2 dream". Of course, there's green yarn.

and last, but not least is a green bottle of "millions of bubbles", because I always have to nurture the child in me. It's a great stress reliever too. Come on, go ahead. you know you want to play with bubbles (lol)! WAAAAAAh! blogger's not cooperating in getting the pic. It was a good one too! It seems that blogger has decided I have enough photos for the day, so...
Stay tuned. I will have more progress pics and banners to show for the other groups I've joined:
1. Summer reading challenge
2 socks that rock sock club
3. Summer of socks and traveling sock contest
4. Illustration Friday (I've yet to draw something!)
I think Im missing one...


Chris said...

I love that green photo with your mugs - lovely.

I know what you mean about finding time/feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of joining and the time to read blogs. Whew! Hard to balance with actual knitting so there's something to blog about. :)

irishmama said...

I also joined 1,2,and 3 of the list you have, so between kids, work, reading blogs, knitting and reading, oh and nearly forgot my husband there's not much time left in the day.

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Both of those mugs make me want to hold them. I love the sheep one!

Here's the deal. I can either read blogs or do everything else I need to do. Sometimes the blogs win! LOL!

Thanks for the bubbles. I love them, myself.