House of Flying Needles!

No, I'm not writing a screenplay for a sequel to the movie "House of Flying Daggers" It was how I vented my frustration over not "getting it" on a sock heel that I haven't done before. I went to the frog pond several times and ended up with holes where there shouldn't be holes, stitches that kept slipping off the needle, and split yarn. Instead of the calm, "Hmmm,let's see where I went wrong" or the Zen/yoga like approach of just meditating and letting the answer come to me...I sent those suckers flying across the room!!! I left the damn sock alone for 3 days and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I sat down and tried it again. This time, "light dawned on marble head". So not a lot of knitting this week, but I should have something to show for my recent efforts soon.

In other news, It's the summer reading challenge and I'm off to a good start. I'm 3/4 of the way through the first book: Lisa Jackson's "Cold Blooded". Its a suspense thriller with a serial killer, hard boiled detective, and a beautiful woman with visions of the murders and romance thrown in. Here's a list of my other summer choices:
Arthur Golden - Memoirs of a Geisha
Dan Brown - Angels and Demons
Edward Rutherfurd - The Princes of Ireland/Dublin Saga
Stephen King - Dark Tower V - The Wolves of Calla
Stephen King - Dark Tower VI - Song of Susannah
Stephen King - Dark Tower VII - The Dark Tower
Patrick McCabe - Breakfast on Pluto
John Connolly - The Black Angel
F. Paul Wilson - Crisscross

This list of books will keep me busy for a while do have list of other books that I can't wait to read, should I get through these before the challenge ends! Anybody in blogland knit and read at the same time? Just imagine what I could get accomplished...Just kidding! I think I like the idea of just doing one of these activities a time to get the most pleasure out of each!

Have a good weekend everyone and keep knitting!


irishmama said...

I'm in the Summer Reading too. I just finished Angels & demons, I really enjoyed it. I'm reading The Da Vinci Code right now.

Chris said...

I knit and read. It's excellent. You can do it!

K. said...

Cool! that sounds like a super fun book list...maybe i should join in with you...

shaza said...

I knit and read too! have done for years. multitasking baby multitasking