Socks, Socks and more Socks

For the last few months, I've been hooked on knitting socks. I made my first pair during a stash-a-long to use up some yarn from my project bins. In a previous post, I stated: " Socks are a waste of time" (I know, it's high treason. If I were the President of America's knitters, I'd be impeached !). I had so much fun making them, I didn't understand how I had waited this long to try! When it comes to store bought socks, I always stuck to solid colors (usually med to dark colors). Now, look out! Any color, colorway or self striping yarn, is likely to become a sock. I love seeing how the pattern and the color of the yarn become luscious, warm socks.

Here are a few reasons I love making socks. They are portable, work up quickly, and are great for learning new techniques in small doses. I'm working on a sock called the "sixth sense sock". It's being knitted on U.S. size 2 DPNS in a denim yarn (sockotta). I really like the way this sock is turning out. It's hard to see the pattern from the picture, but it creates a look. From working on this sock, I've learned to make a knitted hem, instead of the usual ribbed cuff and will be learning a new heel and toe technique. (wait till you see the finished sock!).

The orange and yellow sock you see here is a project spectrum knit. It still needs it's mate. I'm working on finishing it now. ( I couldn't wait to start the other sock!!) It's called the "seaweed sock". Again, the photo doesn't do the sock justice. The pattern was fun to knit and at the end of the first 12 rows, I was like "Wow" because of how the pattern was emerging. It's definitely not boring. With this sock, I learned how not to get those little holes around the gusset and heel that make sock knitters crazy! I used Knit Pick's 100% merino wool in "Zinnia".

Several months ago I saw an invitation on www.bluemoonfibers.com to join their "Socks that Rock club". You pay a fee for a set number of months (you choose the length of your subscription)and receive patterns and hand dyed yarns before the public does. I waited to long to decide whether I wanted to join. As usual, by the time I made my decision, it was too late. I put myself on the waiting list. Well, Lo and Behold! They opened the club to 200 more members and I jumped on the STR bandwagon. I'm so glad I did. The colors and feel of the yarn are YUMMY! It's really beautiful yarn. I can't wait to start knitting with it. OH, PLEASE SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM MY KNITTING OBSESSION! No really, I didn't mean it. I want my addiction (LOL)!

Hi secret pal I have guessed who you are, but wanted to give you a shout out! Hope your having a good week!!

Get knitting!


Chris said...

Heh, I'm not your secret pal, but I'll post anyway. :) I'm pleased you've been sucked into the joys of handknit socks! Don't they feel amazing?! And I'm the same way - I only buy black socks from the store, but my handknit socks - sky's the limit!

Sandra said...

I was one of those who thought socks were waste of time - niw I adore them! But have never knitted small one. So, I have two pairs to knit for my daughters!
I specially love that variagate orange sock you knitted! It would be shame it stays alone for long time!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Once you've "come over to the sock side" you can never go back.

You may move to sweaters and such, but you'll always return to socks. Bwa-ha-ha!!!