Handmade versus Homemade

Ever since I started knitting again (2 years ago), I've been just as obssessed about increasing my knitting library as I am with increasing my yarn stash. I started out with basic technique books, so I'd be ready to tackle any pattern! I haven't reqretted any book I've chosen, but I started seeing a trend in the books I'd bought. Different set-up,patterns, and layouts, but the same techniques explained in slightly different ways. I'm not knocking it, but... I needed to find something with more finishing techniques, especially after the last knitting course I took.

The woman teaching the class discussed how knitted garments, bags, socks...whatever you knitted should look handmade not homemade. She went on to explain what she meant. It made me think back a woman I worked with, who knitted beautifully! However, the moment I saw the finshed garments (she made lots of sweaters and baby items)I thought to myself "yep, anyone can see it's homeade). She didn't always block garments and they just didn't look finished. I thought it was too bad, because she was an excellent knitter, who could pick up any pattern and make it!

In terms of my own knitting, I'n no stranger to frogging when things don't look right, or spending as much time putting the garment together as I did knitting it!
Well...I was in a craft store with no intentions of buying any books (believe it or not, I had hit the book buying wall!!). After picking up the dpns I needed, I headed for the checkout. You all know how it is. Stores put enticing items near the register, so you'll by more things on the way out. I didn't want to look, but I saw a book titled "The big book of knitting" by Katharina Buss. It couldn't hurt to look...could it? I'm not going to buy it anyway. It'll be more basic techniques and easy patterns. I"M NOT GONNA BUY IT! I flipped though it. Next thing I know, I'm pouring over it like it's the holy knitting grail. It may not be, but I have to tell you readers, I fell in love with it! It's all about the finishing! Anything you could ever want to know to make items look professional!!! The explanations are good and the layouts help support the instructions. I really could just stare at the pictures for hours. ( I know, I'm a knitter over the edge! 8-})

I've included a couple of pictures from the book. My photography techniques could use some fine tuning, but they'll give you an idea of what's included. Anyway, enough about my book crush (LOL)! Have a good evening. I'm going to check out American Idol ( How could I have gotten sucked into this...it's my first season!)
Get knitting!


Chris said...

Hmm, I have that book and I obviously haven't studied it enough - thanks for the tip!

K. said...

That book looks really cool...I'll be checking that out!

Sandra said...

Nice you change that comments options - now we can comunicate!