It was worth all the holiday stress!

It's a wonderful life! Posted by Picasa

The above is a picture of my niece. She looks sooo cute!! She wore a red velvet dress with white fur trim on the hem & sleeves, with a red santa hat! She is almost six months old and the best baby in the world! ( I'm the auntie, I can make comments like this 8-) ). she only cries or fusses when she's hungry or wet. Otherwise, she always smiling and loves people! She has 2 new bottom front teeth and is enjoying a good chew on her new teddy bear blanket.

We all gathered at my mother's house for dinner. We had such a good time. Everyone was there and of course there was excellent food, music, and good conversation! Was there any knitting going on? Yes, there was!! knowing how my family likes to hang out and talk, I brought a scarf to work on (no need to concentrate and it's a small project). My neice asked me all sorts of questions about knitting, such as "Did you knit when you were a girl?" "What d'ya knitting?" " Is it hard?". She's ten years old and wants to learn! yeah, I get to pass it on!!!

Enough of me going on about my christmas. I hope all you bloggers had a safe and happy holiday. Let's do it again! Now get knitting!!

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