If they can do it, I can...

A holiday truce... Posted by Picasa

It appears Allegra and Samantha have made a truce, sharing the bed without hissing and sniper shots. ..when the unsuspecting victim gets smacked with an outstretched paw, at lightening speed. Followed by a facial expressions that says " what's YOUR problem?"

Work has really been making me crazy lately. I love my work, but,upper managment... It's gotten to the point it doesn't take much for me to get upset, about the smaller issues. It's time for me to take a long hard look at my reasons for staying, and what my goals are for 2006. I've decided to follow the cat's lead and have a personal truce with work, so I can enjoy the holidays. Otherwise, I'll lose my mind and a mind full of knitting is a terrible thing to waste!!

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