Weekend in New England

This has been the first weekend in 3 weeks in which I have not been in constant pain from the grand case of tendonitis I had. I actually only thought about it a couple of times and I no longer have to think about buying stock in ibuprophen (motrin)! The muscle pain radiate from the tendon in my elbow to the muscle of my forearm down to my wrist. Then it decided to radiate around to the back of my arm up my shoulder and stopped at the scapula on the same side. An occupational therapist told me this is actual not uncommon. Gee thanks! So, you know this meant no knitting was touched. However, since the inflammation has been reduced to a minimum. I was able to knit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, now that I can get my knit on, there'll be more knitting content soon. I did have a really good weekend. It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday,tho a bit brisk! My friend Katie and I went to the Regatta to watch some of the races and see the sailboats. Here are a couple of photos.

These are the sailboats that braved the wind. I thought for sure a few of them were going to go over, but everyone of them held on. The pictures don't really do these boats justice. We missed several of the international scullers for the regatta, but the races we saw were fun. Katie used to scull and compete in college, so I had my own guide to the races and what goes on. I learned a lot.

This picture didn't come out as clearly as I wanted. The sun was so strong, I had a hard time seeing what I was taking a picture of. The sun reflected off the LCD screen on my digital camera. Katie said: "Some of my best pictures were taken when I couldn't see what I was taking." This didn't work for me (LOL).

After leaving the race, we walked around the Boston University campus, Katie's alma mater (I'm an Emerson College alumni) and stopped at Uno's Chicago Grille for wine and a quick lunch to get warmed up. Next stop? The Public gardens and Boston common via Newbury street. It was then we realized today must be parent's weekend and every college student in the area was giving their parent's a tour of the city. Man, it was crowded!!! You could hardly walk on the sidewalk, but it was actually fun and brought back a lot of good college memories! I kept an eye out for two recommended yarn shops on Newbury street, but had no success finding them! Just means a yarn crawl for another day 8-)! I did find a yarn shop close to the public gardens. It had a huge banner that said Now knitting too! It appeared to be a cross stich/needlework store. Although, it had some nice yarn, but was definitely was not knitter friendly. So, we looked briefly and left.

At the public gardens, a wedding party was having pictures taken. The bride was beautiful and probably freezing her ass off! It was late in the day and the temps had cooled quite a bit. However, she'll have great pics for life. The setting was really pretty. As we were walking to the gate exiting the public gardens, I looked across the street and saw a huge crowd...HUGE! I did not know it but we were about to join the The Great Pumpkin Festival! I couldn't believe the number of pumpkins I was seeing. There were thousands and every one of them carved!!! Turns out a Group called "Life is Good" was sponsoring this year's festival.

Just the beginning...
This group raises money for children with serious medical problems and their families to attend Camp Sunshine for some respite. There were over 4 thousand pumpkins and they were planning to carve a thousand more to make the Guinness book of world records for the most lit pumpkins in one place. All of these pumpkins were going to be lighted at nightfall. Here are more photos!

more pumpkins!
Pumpkins wound all around the Boston Commons walkways. It was a sight to see! The pumpkins were donated by various companies and carved by kids and anyone wanting to contribute. This was one of my favorites. Though all of them were good!

Cool, huh!
I was not able to stay for the lighting, but saw it later on the News. It was fantastic. I have one last picture that I took before heading home. It was such a fun and relaxing day. I love the color of the trees. Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Today, was a perfect Autumn day!

I love autumn!


Chris said...

Gorgeous pictures!! It sounds like a really nice weekend.

Kate said...

The pictures are beautiful. Boston is one of my favorite places. I hope the tendonitis goes away soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the tendonitis. I hope your feeling better. It is aweful to be in constant pain. I have had pain in my legs since I was a little girl. No fun.

Anyways, beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend.

Your SP

irishmama said...

Love the pictures, glad you had a good weekend, hopefully this is a sign you are on the mend