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I haven't done much knitting this week, but have been looking at it longingly. I'm still have trouble with my elbow, but it's significantly better than last week!!! I did get to do a little, tiny bit of knitting. I'm using this post to show you what's on the needles. I am making beadwork by Alice Starmore. I'm using knitpicks merino style and can't believe how the stitches are popping out on the swatch Yes, I actually do swatch for projects...Well some projects (LOL). Here is a picture of the sweater:

I can't believe blogger is cooperating today! Back to this sweater. I'm making it in a knitpick's color called Hollyberry. It's a beautiful red. Not too dark and not too bright red. I really love it! I'm knitting this as part of a KAL. I wasn't too sure how complicated it would be to make and figured it would be a good way to get support and tips. The knitter's in the group are unbelievable! They're a talented group and many are experienced in fair isle, aran knitting, and techniques in general. Some are making this sweater in the round as a pullover:, are knitting it in the round using steeks to make the cardigan: and some like myself making it in pieces!

I'm also in the middle of making felted slippers. I can't wait to felt them. I have almost finished the second sock. Here it is in progress:

This is an unbelievable knit because it knits up so quickly! Right now, I'm calling it the sasquatch sock, because of the size! I'm sure I'll be making more of these. I think my sister would really like them. I'll have to make a before and after picture, these babies are felted!

Well that's all the knitting for now. However, I can't help but show off my little niece. The last picture I had of her on this blog was her year old picture. She is now 16 months old. Here is a picture of her at someone else's birthday party.

I said: "Balloon, don't you speak babble?"

My sister was trying to give her the bottle. All she was interested in were the children and the balloons. Eventually, she ended up with three balloons!
Have a good week and get knitting!


Anonymous said...

Love the slippers. What yarn are you using. I love the way the color changes!

Your neice is adorable!

SP 9

Anonymous said...

I like the colors of that sock, too:)

Brigitte said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for your comments on my blog! I like your suggestion for a name for poor nameless sweater...

Ahhhh...another Starmore fan! I've always wanted to do Beadwork, but I don't have the pattern in the adult size. So I'll live vicariously through those who are working on it. Love your felted slippers too - they look so cozy on such a rainy day!

Diane said...

Show off your neice all you want. What a little cutie!

Chris said...

Blogger might be cooperating for posting, but not commenting today!

Your niece is adorable. And those slippers are going to be a lot of fun.