SP9 contest..Let the games begin!

I think SP9 is going to be really fun. Patty, the hostess for our group is already having a contest! The winners (2) will have a choice of handmade book marks or stitch markers.

Post on your blog your favorite:
Actor - This is hard. I have 3 absolute favorites! But I'll say is Cillian Murphy ( I've liked him even before "Red Eye" and "Batman begins"!
Actress - Another hard one! Jody Foster
Animal - Cats (jungle and domestic)
Band - I like too many!!! Dave Matthews band
Beverage - Tea (alcoholic/ frozen maguritas)
Book - from childhood (The Secret Garden) as an adult (The Tower Series)
Bubble Bath - Sweet Pea (bath and body works)
Candy - Don't really like candy (I know, I know what planet am I from!)
Color - Mauve
Flower - roses
Food - Italian
Lip Balm - Bert's bees lip balm in peach
Lotion - Evelyn and Waughs gardner's hand cream
Movie - Raiders of the Lost Ark (fun movie!)
Song - don't have one!
TV Show -Smallville
Vacation Spot - Scotland
This contest was harder than it looks! I'm a real movie fan and could list many favorites. I also love to read and could list many more than one as a favorite. As for music, I have eclectic tastes and pick music to suit my moods. Thanks Patty this was fun!

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