A quick hello!

This is a quick post to say hello. I will have a more thorough post tomorrow. I can't believe how the time gets away from me sometimes. I've been moving slow as molasses in this heat. For me, it's the humidity that's a killer! I went to Arizona a couple of summers ago and one of the days was 123 degrees and that was the day we picked to do outdoor activities! However, it was dry heat and despite high temps, I really enjoyed myself. Florida is one of my off-limits place to life, cuz of the humidity. I've done more blog reading than knitting this week (Will you all stop having such fun and interesting blogs, so I can get some knitting done?). From my reading of some blogger blogs, the theme has been no pictures because blogger is acting up. I'm prepared. I got a back-up plan (what a pain). Anyway, enjoy the evening and drop in tomorrow for some knitting content. Thanks, for taking the time to read this blog!


Chris said...

That's a lovely picture!

I know what you mean about humidity - when I'm in the Southwest, I'm always very excited because... sweat actually evaporates there!

Anonymous said...

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