Hostesses, Angels and Updates!

It's been a crazy, busy week and summer has just begun. First, There was a little glitch with my Secret Pal 8 exchange. I want to say that all of you Hostesses out there are fantastic. Now, I'm just going by my experience with the hostess for my group, Christine, but I imagine your also making this fun for all involved! So, thanks for your hard work!! I have a new secret pal, AKA Kate...AKA?(I don't know yet),but will do my best to figure out 8-}! Thanks, for being an Angel!!!

Let the knitting begin!

The color this month is purple. I have some nice lavender colored sock yarn that would make a great pair of Aran cabled socks! I finished the blue pair. Pictures to come. I'm also using this as my first pair of socks for the summer of socks!

I finished reading another book on my summer reading list. I'm not reading in sequence listed on this blog. I'm going by my mood! The book I just finished was a quick read and I'm missing the character already. It's a book of fiction that takes place in Ireland during the 60's and 70's. The main character in the book "Patrick Braden" is always in search of family and love. He was abandoned on a doorstep. Throughout his childhood, he longs to discover the truth of his conception,find his mother, and live a happy life. Although life is far from happy personally and culturally, and in some instances tragic, Patrick's strong personality and beliefs get him through some of his more difficult times.

I have been knitting, but I can't show it here, because my SP8 spoilee might see it!
As if I didn't give myself enough knitting to do, I've joined a KAL to replicate an antique sampler. The woman who organized this thinks it would be exciting to make a sampler that is as unique as the person knitting it. She has gone through the trouble of knitting the sampler herself and writing down the patterns (with original mistakes and a version with mistakes corrected). She is hoping that some people will want to use contemporary fibers to give it a new look. It's really exciting because people from all over the world have joined. When I joined, there were approx. 145 people. There are now over 600. The youngest knitter is 12 years old and the oldest 81 years old. I will have a picture of the original sampler in my next post.


irishmama said...

Can't wait to see the picture of the knitted sampler. I've been doing the same with my summer reading, whichever book I like I'm reading.

Chris said...

I'm glad there are Angels out there in the SP program!!

I definitely think that reading what you feel like reading is critical for not turning reading into a chore - otherwise it starts to feel like assigned school reading...