It's All about the spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After having a grumpy monday and the thought of having to work on the holiday (I work at a hospital), I came home to a wonderful sight. My mail box was bulging because it was filled with mail! I'm one of those people who loves most junk mail (catalogs, new stores, sale flyers). I opened the box and folks believe me when I say THIS was not junk mail. It was a package from my secret pal!!! woot! I know you all THINK you have the best secret pals in the world, but...behold!

First thing I saw was some scrumptious yarn. 3 skeins of multicolor Noro. I love the colors! Next was 3 skeins of "Paint Box" in beautiful colors. I wonder what to do with all that yarn? I just can't look at it and fondle it. My secret pal has that covered too. Next came these patterns:

She read my questionnaire and is putting me on the road to felting! I'm so excited...More projects!!! I will be making felted slippers with the fuzzy feet pattern and The Booga Bag Pattern! I love trying new things. So this is great. I bet at this point your thinking, wow what a good secret pal you have. Well, that ain't all!

This was the last but not least of a fun package! I received a tape measure, CHIBI (psych!!!) and a silk lotion bar in rosemary mint. The little blue bag you see in the picture is the cutest bag ever. This will be great when I just want to carry my license, money and keys on the weekend. I can let it hang from the belt of my jeans and be hands free!!
I guess I could have said just thank you secret pal, but I wanted to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and effort she put into spoiling me. THANKS, SECRET PAL!
Wow, I think I have to go lie down now. I posted two days in a row!
Have a wonderful holiday!!!


K. said...

OMG how cool is your sp!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the package arrived and you liked everything. I had a fun time putting it together. I'm a felting addict, so it's fun for me to try to convert people into felters!! Happy 4th.
Your SP

irishmama said...

What a great SP, those are some fabulous packages.

Chris said...

How fun!! And it sounds like absolutely perfect timing.

I have that same tape measure. :)

Emma said...

What a great SP package!