I've made it though the stash-along without buying one single solitary skein, ball,hank, or knot of yarn!!!Though I was envious of those who took the plunge and bought yarn! However, the addiction to knitting and yarn had to go somewhere. I now need to by a bookshelf display the knitting books I purchased!! It really was a fun 3 months and I've met some new bloggers!. I completed the Harry Potter scarf and my first pair of socks. Two out of three planned projects were completed...Not bad! I also started a project for my knitting class using yarn from the stash. That's reduced the stash a little more. I want to thank Kim from "Knitter in Progress" for doing this STASH-A-LONG! I'm not going to join the monthly one right now (I need to get some yarn goodness!), but I am going to try to buy yarn specifically for projects I have in mind to keep the stash more manageable! One more thing... I'm now a sock-a-holic and have no plans to seek help through a "12 step stop the sock madness" group (Nah, I bet one doesn't exist, who'd want to stop %-))

Project spectrum colors for April are yellow and orange. I can't say enough about how I'm enjoying this project! These days I'm looking for color everywhere and in everything! Last month I made a bunch of stitch markers in pink, red, and in combinations of those colors. I'm pleased with the way they came out. This month, I'm going to make socks in yellow and orange! I'm also going to grab my camera and head outside (yeah, for spring) and get some project spectrum photos!

I will give more specific details on the sock pattern and yarn, once I get it started.
I can't wait to see some of the completed projects from other spectrum participants. Even if your not participating, go visit "Lolly knitting around blog" for pictures. People are very creative!!
Have a great weekend everyone and get knitting!


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Congrats on being an SAL Survivor!! You are strong. :)