Where's Spring?

March 20th was the first day of spring and nature has nothing to report. Here in MA., it felt like winter. It was windy and raw! I've had spring fever since January and I really, really want spring!!! I just looked out the window and it's partly sunny. So, I guess I can't complain too much. Here's a picture of what I'd like to see when I walk outside. Enjoy the photo. Maybe your part of the country looks like this now (LUCKY!!!).

Knitting update: I am madly working on my second sock to get it completed by the last day of the stash-a-long. So, I can say I met the goal of at least one completed project from my stash. Actually, I think I can finish it today. But first, I have to do a couple of errands and put groceries in my empty fridge. I guess a girl cannot live by knitting alone...Could try. I took a 5 week knitting class. There's one more class to go. I didn't learn as much as I'd have liked. It was a large class (20) and half the class were total newbies! I did learn some nice finishing techniques and measuring garments for a more custom fit. I want everyone in the world to knit! I loved seeing the excitement of a new knitter, when she figured out a stitch, or a pattern!! One woman in the class had the simple goal of learning to purl. Although, she wasn't able to finish or even start a "real" project, she was thrilled with her sampler of stitches. At times, there was some real frustration and the "I can't do this" or "I'll never learn this #!&*%#!" only 2 students didn't return. I think that's impressive! We all helped each other in the class and there was great commeraderie. I think that it's amazing there was never any knitting cliques within the class. Everyone was willing to share ideas and help less experienced classmates.

I was looking at my site counter and noticed people are stopping by to visit!! Feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you!


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Chris said...

Thanks for the picture - it sure as heck doesn't look like that here in Minneapolis, MN. Mostly it looks like grey muck. At least it's sunny today, so it's brightly lit grey muck! ;)

It's a shame we can't live by knitting alone. Think how svelte we'd all be!