That bug came out of nowhere!

I swear I was as healthy as could be until Thursday night, when I got those little body signals that tell you that, "Something wicked this way comes". I was exhausted for no reason and the "nose thing". You know, you just don't feel right. By Friday afternoon, I knew it wasn't gonna be a just "little cold" and by Saturday the couch was my best friend. All I could do was look wistfully at my knitting bag and wish. I seem to have lost the "faucet handle" to my nose to stop the flood! If any of you readers have stock in the tissue companies, you should notice an increase in profits!! Anyway enough of how I was invaded by the body snatchers...

My cats were very empathetic and chilled for the weekend.

Knitting update: I finished one of the socks I'm knitting for Project Spectrum. I had planned to crank the second one out this weekend. Instead the second sock will be this week's goal.

I'm also excited for May's (tomorrow) Project Spectrum color- Green. Now that spring is here, there should be plenty of green around!

Have a good week and get knitting!


HibiscuitsGirl said...

Sorry to hear you are ill! Hope you feel better soon.

Your cats are pretty! I love calicos!

Paula460 said...

hope you feel better soon. I'd love to look pictures of your socks

Chris said...

Hope you're feeling better now... I'm feeling quite crappy myself, but digestive stuff. :(

Yay, May!