RIP update and a little knitting.

I have been reading like crazy lately!!! I'M doing the Reader's Imbibing Peril (RIP) challenge. I got a little side tracked and read two books not on the list. The only requirement is to read 5 books by the end of October and I've already read 3 since sept. 12th when I signed up:

"In Silent Graves" by Gary A. Braunbeck- This was a quick read and a real page turner! The story is about a man whose whole life gets twisted and turned inside out on Halloween night. This book is not for the squeamish and easily creeped out. At the same time, as much as you don't want to know what's going to happen next, your compelled to turn the page to find out!!! I don't want to say anymore to spoil it. Get this book!

"Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. This was a fun read! It had scary moments but overall, I love the characters. It's about to brothers who have a god as a father. However, one is unaware of his father's "skills" and or the fact he even has a brother! He is soon to find out and then the fun begins!!! I've never read any of Neil Gaiman's books before, but I will definitely be looking or more (he's written several books, including graphic novels).

"Cell" by Stephen King. I buy or borrow King's books as soon as they come out. This one, I was kind of undecided about and wanted until now. Early on in the book, I felt like it was just going to be a rehash of "The Stand" which I loved, but didn't want to read the same thing again. This book had some of the same elements, but with a new twist. I enjoyed it from the start and couldn't stop reading it. I'll say one thing, I'm seeing cell phones in a whole new light (LOL)!!!

For my next read, I'm going with another Stephen King book : The Dark Tower V, Wolves of Calla. I absolutely love the Dark Tower Series and have read all the books to this point. I've been putting off reading the rest, because I hate the thought of finishing them. Have you ever read a book and then wished you'd read it more slowly, so it wouldn't end? That's how I am with Dark Tower books! Now on to knitting!

I am finished with the first "fuzzy feet" slipper. This thing is HUGE. I can't wait to finish the second slipper, so I can felt them! I found the pattern for the "Beadwork" sweater and will be swatching for it this weekend! MY socks are all completed, so there's not second sock syndrome in this house! (pictures soon).

I went to the Boston knit out and crochet last weekend. I had a fun time. There were a lot of people there, but I wished there had been even more! I think the threat of rain and thunderstorms kept some people away. I volunteered to teach knitting and crochet basics at the ongoing workshops throughout the day. That was a blast! There was a little girl there that amazed me. She learned the basics quickly and was knitting garter stitch in no time. She and her mother came close to the end of the day. Once she had learned, she want to stay because she was having so much fun! The look on her face was priceless when she found out the needles and yarn were her's to keep! I think she was only 6 years old! All of the people who attended the learning workshops were able to take the needles/hooks and yarn home with them for free. We had a few brave boys/men come to the tables to learn how to knit!

I enjoyed the keynote address by Wren Ross and Daena Giardella. "Discovering The Fabric of Your Creativity". It was a great talk about why we leave some projects unfinished, have so many going at once, and some of the reasons we knit the things we do. It was about finding support for your creative process, not matter what you wish to create and how what we do/learn in knitting spills over and impacts other aspects of our life. This was presented with great humor and insight. People in the audience asked some good questions and shared some great comments. Boy, we knitter's are creative, talented, and intelligent lot, aren't we? I'm not totally sure about the intelligent part in my case, why? I forgot my damn camera! S0, no show and tell for some of the fantastic knitted and crocheted items people made! One woman knitted a head to toe vintage sweater and skirt with hat to match. She looked amazing! She looked like she stepped out of a 1940"s vogue magazine! Allister, made some amazing hats and wall hanging using double knitting. He told the audience, he'd only been knitting for about two years. WOW!

Last but not least, I scored a door prize and complimentary signed copy of Jil Eaton's book "After Dark: Uncommon KNITS for NIGHT TIME" It has some nice knits in it. My door prize was a book Linda M. Niemeyer called "Knitters I Know" Cool patterns from cool people. I couldn't agree more. Its a great little book. Here are some pictures.

from: cool people book

i pod/cell phone cozies
The above are a couple of the projects that can be made. There are socks, a cute block quilt and other projects. Just what I need...Projects!


Katrina said...

So glad you got your hands on the adult beadwork pattern. I looked all over the place for my issue of Interweave Knits that had that pattern in it, and it is nowhere to be found. So frustrating! I even tried to order the overpriced kit from *more's website, only to be informed quite curtly that the color I wanted was unavailable, and they would not consider selling the pattern without the yarn. So now I'm back to square one, ready to give up on the whole thing.

I love the picture on the button for the RIP challenge. That comes from the book "Gashlycrumb Tinies", a morbid little thing that I can't help but giggle at.

Congrats on winning the door prize. That does look like a cute little book. I'm going to have to check it out.

Back to searching frantically (and probably in vain) for my lost issue of Interweave Knits...

Chris said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Knit Out!! Fun door prizes - but more fun sounds like teaching that little girl. :)

HibiscuitsGirl said...

I love Anansi Boys! The characters were great. I didn't like Neil Gaiman's Sandman series of graphic novels, but I enjoy his other writings very much.

I also love The Dark Tower series, but Wolves of the Calla really disappointed me. I've read the first three books many, many times, adored the fourth book, but the fifth book was so upsettingly bad that I haven't picked up the sixth book yet. I hope you like it better than I did!

Will said...

I took a long break after I read book 4 of The Dark Tower. Now I can't wait to see what happens at the end. I'm sure it'll leave me wishing there was more.