Last week a rant, this week...Raves !!!

Secret Pal 8 ended in August, but I wanted to keep it going for a little while longer by not revealing the name of my secret pal! So, my Secret Pal goodness ended this week with a last package and my pal revealing herself. She is the fabulous Kate of http://www.knittinghere.blogspot.com. I was totally and wonderfuly spoiled by her. When you see what was in the final package, I'm sure you'll agree! Kate was not my original match-up for SP8. My initial match was not able to participate and Kate stepped in. Her experience did not start off well either. I know nothing about the initial match, but I have to say I'm glad things work out the way they did. Kate is a new friend and it was fun getting to know her!!! She also has a great blog, so check her out! Try not to drool on your keyboards...ready?

This bag is beautiful!!! The photo doesn't quite do it justice. It also has a really pretty pin, with the cutest ladybug on one of it's petals. I've already started using it! It's going to be my weekend bag. I don't like carrying a lot of stuff around on weekends. This is perfect to carry just what I need. Kate did a beautiful job knitting and felting it. I can't wait to finish my first felted fo (fuzzy feet). Now the bag itself would have been a great gift, but Kate didn't stop there !! Lookie here:

Two skeins of cascade yarn. I have never tried this yarn before. I like the feel of it and the colors are great. Believe me, I'll find use for these!! Last but not least, feast your eyes on some Twisted Sisters Mirage, in Olive Gold. I'm absolutely in love with this color. You have to see it in person! I see a sleeveless tank or piccovoli in my future!!!

Just when I thought the box could yield not more, out dropped a laminated needle inventory card. So I can see what needles I already have! This great for me, because I seem to have needle amnesia and end up with multiples of needle sizes (not really a bad thing!) Kate, I can't say a big enough thank you for making this exchange so much fun and I'm lucky to have met and gotten to know you. Everyone stop in and visit my new friend!

My spoilee for SP8 was Katrina of http://www.topekatrina.blogspot.com(sorry, blogger won't let me do the links right!)
I had a lot of fun spoiling her and dropping in on her life, via her blog. She's got a great blog, runs contests for movie buffs and has the cutest family on the internet! Just as Kate is, Katrina is generous and fun! She sent me this thank-you!

thank you Katrina!

In other knitting and none knitting news

Knitting on sampler "M" continues. I'm having so much fun working on this. It is a good way for me to work on lace knitting and to know I can't have knitting A.D.D., otherwise I forget to YO or where I am in the pattern! Here's a progress picture:

Sampler "M" progress

This summer I joined some KALs and challenges. How did I do? Don't ask!! I'll tell you anyway. Project Spectrum- was okay. I did do half of the colors and this was a do whatever months you wanted to participate, so...Success! Summer of socks- yah right, one pair of socks! And then there's the reading challenge. I did read 6 books this summer, so that's fair. Of course, 3 of the six were not on my personal list (LOL)! I'm the girl who used to read 2 books a week without any challenges (sigh). Well that didn't stop me from joining a new reading challenge. This one is an autumn/spooky/ atmospheric/Halloween type challenge and I love me some scare the wits out of me books!! I present RIP reading challenge!Readers Imbibing Peril with a
broad criteria of being scary, eerie, moody, dripping with atmosphere, gothic, unsettling, etc.

new reading challenge
My five books will be the following:
1. Forever Odd -Dean Koontz
2. The Dark Tower V: The wolves of Calla - Stephen King
3. Broken -Kelly Armstrong
4. In Silent Graves -Gary A. Braunbeck
5. The Dreaming Jewels -Theodore sturgeon
Wow, I'm looking over my shoulder just typing these titles!
Long Post!!!!!!!!!
Have a good rest of the day and great week...Get knitting!!!


Laurie said...

Gee, you had the BESTEST Secret Pal ever! This was my first time in a SP swap and I know I didn't do as well.

I'm going to go and check out that Olive Gold color.

I've read Forever Odd and liked it. The Stephen King book? I didn't make it that far thru the series. You'll have to let me know how you like it.

Katrina said...

So glad you liked your goodies. I'm glad I met you through SP8.

Ooh, scary books. I'm a night owl, so reading those books would amplify every creak and moan I might hear after midnight. *getting chills*

Kate said...

I'm glad you like the bag. I use my as a small project bag. The Cascade 220 is great for felting or for whatever. It has been so much fun getting to know you through SP8. It's great to be revealed, this keeping my identity secret has been hard!

irishmama said...

Wow, what great goodies, I love that bag, and I too think I'm going to have to check out the Olive Gold wool.

HibiscuitsGirl said...

Woot! Stuff! And good stuff too!

Marji said...

Glad you finally got the Beadwork pattern. I've been bidding on some on ebay - but I don't think it's in the cards. I may just go back and try to catch up with the Am Kamin KAL and use their blog to translate the Japanese symbols and knit the Am Kamin cardi - as I did just receive my Japanese knitting books I ordered 8 weeks ago from YesAsia.
I swear the knitblog world is a small world sometimes. Katrina was my spoilee for the knitting vacation swap last summer, and I knit her a tea cozy. I love reading her movie trivia, as I never see any movies.
I did about the same as you on the reading challenge - and i used to read at least a book a week too.

Chris said...

Oh, lovely bag and yarn!! Of course, the lovely calico only enhances the bag...

Ha! I found myself totally running out of steam on Project Spectrum. I think the Knitting Olympics were about the duration I can sustain. :)

Have a great weekend!

Diane said...

What a great SP! I love the cat picture. Looks like, "I'll just sit here looking disinterested while watching to see if the ladybug moves. If it does then I pounce the bag."