Is that a tube top?

I brought my knitting to work today, to get some more of the Harry Potter scarf completed, at lunch. There are a number of talented craft people that work with me. So, You never know what you'll see or learn about. someone one could be working on weaving a basket, making jewelry, or knitting, of course!! We've even drafted a new employee into knitting. She has quickly become obsessed with it and is busily working on her first scarf. She already has plans for her next project(you go girl!).

Well, back to Harry Potter... We often eat in the Atrium of the building I work in. There are lot's of windows and sunlight. This is where to my horror, the Harry potter scarf was not the dark shade of red and gold I thought, but gold and... "yikes"... a reddish,pinky raspberry!!! If this were Hogwarts, there'd be one big "flick and swish" and bye-bye scarf. I think I should have worn Harry's glasses and my own, or used a bright flashlight, when I shopped for this yarn. Maybe borrowed lights used by search parties? Readers, how could I have not noticed?

"Is that a tube top?" asked another woman who came tolunch. I was still trying to figure out how I chose the so non gryffendor color, when I responded to the comment by looking down at th scarf, giving my best deer caught in the headlights look. Nooo, it's a Harry Potter scarf! At this point, we're all laughing at what appears to be the new "not a HP scarf tube top " project. Sometimes knitting projects are like those go-bots or bionicles kids play with... they can turn into anything!!!

After work, I went to my LYS and bought the perfect shade needed (really!)and started a new HP scarf. What about the other scarf you ask? (I'm going to tell you anyway!) It's going to be a tube top or a tank top for the woman who ask the question. You never know what asking a question can bring you. 8-)
Get going, knit!

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