Clark and Lorna

I came home to find Clark floating belly up and he was definitely not doing his "fish of steel" thing to save Lorna from one of his archememies (or a fallen plastic tropical plant). What am I talking about you ask? My two siamese fighting fish. In October, I went to a fall rally with some friends. While purusing a craft table, I discovered a woman selling male & female siamese fighting fish. Looking at them and feeling sorry they'd been stuck in bags all morning, I bought 2 of them. How could I go wrong @ 2 dollars apiece, including the bowl and some starter food.

I didn't know these were siamese fighting fish. The label on the plastic bag said "betta fish". As you might have guessed by now, I know "jack" about fish! I said to the woman, "I'll only need one bowl, because I'm putting them together. I got a look of horror from other people around me who shouted in unison "You can't put those fish together, they'll kill each other!!!" My response... "Anyone wanna take bets?" (just kidding, don't anyone call peta ! ). Anyway, I bought them and fretted the rest of the day whether they'd survive until I got home and once there, would I be a good betta fish parent? I'm great with my two cats!!!

With instructions for the care of betta fish, I went to the local Petco and bought a special betta bowl with a divider, so they could lovingly look at each other, yet not do each other in. Now, what to name them... I'm a big fan of the WB show Smallville, hence the names Clark and Lorna. I also thought it was fitting because as much as Clark and Lorna love each other, they can never really be together! (I'm such a romantic!)

Things were going great and I thought I was doing well taking care of them...until tonight. Lorna looks a little forlorn, not having clark to flare at. I think maybe I should get Lorna a new friend for the other side of the fishbowl. What do you think? Bye Clark. I'll miss you swimming to the top of the bowl every evening for your dinner.

On the knitting front I'm working on my Harry Potter scarf. More on knitting tomorrow!

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