Going bald and giving thanks...

Hi all you knitter's and any bloggers , who found this blog by accident. At the moment, I'm giving thanks that I'm not bald! You see I've been tearing my hair out trying figure out all the "techie stuff" to improve the "eye candy" portion of my blog. I have some yarn pics I want to share. I'm learning, but my efforts have not yet led to being "blogalicious"!!! It's 10:53pm and I'm still pictureless. Well, I guess it's a learning curve and I'll get it or blog will be about wigs for the blogging challenged! (I WILL CONQUER THIS). Anyway, I shouldn't complain so much, because I have a lot to be thankful for: family: even with those not-so-hallmark moments: friends - gotta have em. They can keep you sane or drive you insane (sometimes it's a short ride)!: career: I love what I do-just not where I 'm doing it at the moment , and of course, my beautiful-spoiled cats (yes, I have the requisite cats many knitters seem to have 8-> Last, but not least that large stash of yarn with visions of fo's in dancing in my head. (oops, not quite the silly season yet!)

I promise to have pictures relating to my knitting obsession up soon! Until then, I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.

p.s. "Knitters, PUT THE NEEDLES DOWN! There'll be plenty of time to knit after dinner. Besides, you don't want get any gravy or cranberry sauce on all that beautiful yarn!

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