I got my first package from my secret pal today. She checked with me the other day to see whether it had arrived. I had a mail notice and thought it was for the package, but nooo! and as usual I never coordinate well with the postman when it comes to being home to accept packages. While I was at the post office picking up a package Saturday morning, he was delivering 2 packages to my apartment!! The slip I had was for Victorian Lacy Today. This was exciting, but it was not secret pal! Well, today's 2 packages included secret pal and boy was it worth the wait for Monday to arrive!! My SP is awesome! Let me show you the goods! First thing I smelled when I opened the box was Burt's Bees Essential body kit. . Just in time for the cold weather! MY skin gets so easily chapped.
I love Burt's Bees products! This was only the beginning. I've been totally spoiled! Next was Zhena's Gypsy Tea (raspberry earl grey) I absolutely love tea and will definitely be having a cuppa tonight. There was also a tin of Traveler's chocolate. However, the only place this chocolate will be traveling to is my stomach! Along with all these goodies came some cascade yarn begging to become some fetching wrist warmers or maybe a little felted something. Lookie here! Now by this time, your all thinking what more can there be? Let's continue with Show and Tell! I got something new to try called An embellishment Kit for felted knits. This one is called String of Lights and just in time for the Holidays. My head is swimming with ideas! Perhaps a felted scarf with a string of lights or a wall hanging. Hmm...that cascade yarn might notturn into wristwarmers after all. Of course,there's plenty of yarn in the stash... My picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful colors of roving included in the kit.

I also got a Christmas themed memo pad!

Thank you SP for such a wonderful package. I'm going to enjoy every bit of it!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it finally arrived. I have been on pins and needles waiting. Glad you enjoyed it!

Your Sp

Chris said...

What a fabulous package - you obviously have a great SP!

pigbook1 said...

i have some burts bees cuticle balm that i love to death. It is heaven for my fingers since i am slightly allergic to wool and most other animal fibers but insist on knitting with it anyway. Makes my fingers all supple and delicious. Enjoy it!