I'm a Winner!

In more ways than one! But I'll just share the good, fun kind tonight! Our Hostess for this latest Secret Pal exchange has made things even more fun by having a series of contests! The most recent contest required participants to make a dishcloth and post it. Here's mine It's the famous Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloth made with sugar&cream yarn. It was easy and fun to make. Well, guess what? I won second place (names of winners drawn from a hat). There were four winners chosen. Here is my gift!!! The colors are really beautiful. The yarn is from Newton Country Yarns and the color is Truffle. It's a cotton rayon boucle. It's quite a good size hank too. My challenge is to decide what to make. So, stay tuned I will think of something cool. I love it! Thanks Patty!

In other knitting news:
I am working on a simple pair of socks using self-striping yarn and being amazed at the stripes! (I'm so simple to amuse sometimes 8-)). The heel is done in short rows with wraps. I like doing short rows, but hate the wraps! I had to frog once because, I had holes! Second time has been the charm. The swatch is done for beadwork and I'm ready to cast on!

Have a good evening everyone and good weekend. I'll probably be posting again this weekend because I have some postal notices about packages waiting for me. Yahoo!

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Chris said...

Congrats!! I love knitting self-striping yarn, and I spend a lot of time gawking at the stripes, too. Glad to know it isn't just me! Have you tried this SR heel? Jeanne did and reported that it's great - looks the same on both sides of the heel and no holes.