Felting 101

I can't believe it, but I've finally finished my felted slipper socks. They came out really cute! They were huge after knitting them! The picture does not clearly show the size and the knitting well prior to felting, but here is the before picture:

I really like the color for these slippers. The yarn is Paint Box and is 100% wool. The pattern is from www.knitty.com . When it came to felting these, I thought it would be a piece of cake. Not True! My machine was not very cooperative and I forgot to put in that little bit of detergent to help with agitation. I must've worked it with the machine for almost 40 minutes and there was no felting to be seen. I got online and quickly looked up "felting". Lucky for me the first hit was a good one. The author talked about felting in the kitchen sink with step-by-step directions. Here's a progress pick:

The soapy hot water and hand agitation resulted in almost instant results. It was kind of fun playing water! I was also determined these were going to felt or else! I think for first time felting they came out really well. They are a still a little bit big, but I was afraid of over felting them. Still, I love the feel of them and they will definitely keep my feet warm this winter.

This won't be my last felting project. I have a bag to make next using Noro yarn. Both felting projects are courtesy of Kate of Secret Pal 8.

In other knitting News...

Our group's SP9 Hostess, Patty has dreamed up another contest! The prize will be yarn. You know I can't pass that up, though I'm beginning to feel like I have a stash beyond life expectancy ( and I've got a long way to go ). The contest is making a dishcloth by the stated date and posted to the blog. Winner will be chosen and yarn dispatched. I'm making the dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon book. I can't believe how easy it is!

Dishcloth in progress
I'm off to watch Bones on T.V. it's a great show. It's a crime drama laced with humor. I can relax and knit too. Who could ask for more on a weekday evening.


Chris said...

Your slippers turned out great!! They look toasty warm indeed.

Patty (your SP9 hostess) said...

The dishcloth looks great - you'll be entered into the contest for sure.

Have a great day!

irishmama said...

Slippers look great, watch out for the dishcloths they are addicting.

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The slippers turned out great!

Kate said...

I love the fuzzy feet!! I throw a pair of jeans in with the felting and that seems to help with the agitation. Your slippers turned out much better than mine, mine seem to have pointy toes but I wear mine nearly every night now that the weather is cold. If you can stand to do it, throw them back in the wash and felt them for a few more minutes then put them on so that they kinda mold to your feet.

Katrina said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog about my brother. I shared it with my family and it brings more comfort than you could possibly know.

And thank you for the extra special little something you sent in the mail to me. What a very very sweet gesture. I am overwhelmed.

Nora said...

Wendy, the sock pattern is Friday Harbour from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. x