This was my second year going to Rhinebeck and so far...The BEST! Last year, I went by bus with Yarn Safari for the day. It was fun, but definitely not enough time to see and do everything and to get caught up in the total experience. Even this year, there were things I'm sure I missed! As soon as I got on the bus headed for home, I planned on making a weekend of it . This year it was an adventure that started back in june or july. I knew I was going, but didn't want to go by myself. So, I put a feeler out on the rhinebeck ravelry board to see if anyone South of Boston would be going. I would be glad to share all expenses. OTKate responded and we began talking about it to see if it would work out. Now, Kate could have lived anywhere south of Boston from next door to Cape Cod. Turns out she lived in the same City and hospital organization where I worked! We were also both therapists! We decided it would work out and we'd finalize plans as it got closer to the festival dates. In the meantime, Kate met up with two other women who were planning on going to rhinebeck. Things kept falling into place and it became a road trip of 4! Threescompany (Heather), PurplePear (Maro), OTKate (Kate) and I were heading for Rhinebeck!

We started out as 4 strangers traveling together, but you'd never know it. Everything went so smoothly. I had the best time with everyone. I've always supported the Red Sox( come on, I was born in Cambridge and lived in MA all my life.), but I'd never hung out with such enthusiastic sox fans! It's contagious!!! I even joined the Red Sox knit group on Ravelry!

We left VERY early and arrived at Rhinebeck right at 10:00 a.m. Maro was able to get our tickets ahead of time (Thanks!). No waiting in line for us. It was off for a fun filled day of sensory overload!
Besides all the fiber goodness to be had,there were ravelry meet-ups, wine and cheese tasting, herding demonstrations, pumpkin throwing, people watching, kinearing, and my new favorite- kilt watching. I've never seen so many men in one place wearing kilts. I wasn't able to get any pics...next year. Anyway, on to what you want to see...Fiber!

Our first stop was The Fold for STR. Believe me when I tell you the booth is small! Yet, everyone seemed to get what they wanted. That was only the beginning. The line to pay is loooooong, but it went by faster than I thought it would and we got to meet other knitters. Here's what I scored:

Maro, Heather, and Kate found some yarn for themselves and friends. After the first booth, we were on a roll. I didn't come with any particular haves on my list. However, the ravelry que list came in handy for buying yarn for particular projects. This somewhat prevented the "I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but it's so pretty syndrome" to a degree (not totally-LOL). Heather and Maro were totally organized and had que and vendors list in hand. For anyone going to Rhinebeck next year, it's the way to go! At the end of the first day, it was back to the hotel. We stayed a the Quality Inn Hotel. There were lots of other knitter's there. Some sitting in near check in knitting away. Here is what our first day's haul and how it looked like all in one place!

After we checked in; looked at the day's finds; and freshened up, it was already time to head out to the Ravelry Party. The place was packed. It was held at the Pavillion (outside) of an Elk's lodge. There were a few tents with heaters, but these filled up fast. I had a great time, but Seriously, I froze my ass off! Next year, I'm knitting up double thick long johns, hats, gloves, and scarves! I'll be prepared. There were giveaways, finger foods, and giftie bags. The bag had coupons and yarn inside. There was also a notions keeper from one of the sponsors. After the party, We headed back to the hotel to see how the Red Sox were doing. They won. GO SOX!
The next morning we were off again for another good day. There was more shopping to be done and sights to see. The day flew by. Before we knew it. it was time to head for home, until next year. See you all at Rhinebeck in 2009. I'm saving some pictures of yarns for another post. I'm afraid blogger is not cooperating!


Katom Burke said...

glad you had a good time! i did too! so glad we all went together. i knew we'd get you into Red Sox Nation!! it is catchy.....
i'll keep you posted on plans for '09!

paula said...

Wow sounds like you had a great time.

Chris said...

Oh, it sounds like so much fun! How cool that you have new knitting pals in your area now.

David said...

Hi Wendy,

Sounds like a great day, and since watching kilts has become your new favorite, you may wish to visit my site at www.your-kilt.com
where you can find lots of photos and videos.

Kind Regards,