Keep It Simple

Ever since I started blogging, I've joined a million (feels like that many!) KALS or other virtual group activities (i.e. summer reading) . My problem? I overwhelm myself and treat them like "must get dones" rather than enjoyable activities and nothing gets done. Then the fun factor disappears. Not this summer! No sock-along, color a-longs, read-a-longs etc. I've joined one and that's it!!! The Mystery 3 stole along. Every week each person in the group gets a clue (part of the pattern to knit). There is a theme to be revealed later. The other groups I joined over the winter are ongoing, but I haven't done much. So, I'm wiping the slate clean! I still want to read (can't live without a good book! 8-} ) or stop knitting, but as my little friend above so eloquently states:Simplify. It's gonna be a no pressure summer!
I haven't any progress pics yet for my sweater, but I have been working on it. The bottom half is completed and I'm making progress with the top half of the sweater. I'm working the separation rows and increases. Once the increases are done and armholes made, the sweater is joined again and worked in the round. Once both pieces are knitted, the upper and lower body will be grafted together using a Kitchener stitch (that's when the language on this blog may become quite colorful!!! ) The sleeves look like fun to knit. We'll see... So far, I'm enjoying it. My socks are UFOs right now, but I keep them in the car in case I need something small to knit. That's it for updates. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.


Laurie said...

Great! It's my first Mystery Stole KAL and I'm looking forward to it. Glad you're in the group.

I'm pretty sure the knitting police won't be visiting you. Can you imagine how busy they'd be if they went after everyone that wasn't caught up? LOL!

paula said...

I'm with you, no pressure. This summer I've read more books than last and this year I did'nt join a read a long.

Chris said...

I totally know what you mean! I do the same thing to myself. Love the new blog look!

Knitting Librarian said...

Your post made me laugh since I found your blog on the _Kauni KAL_, which means that you've joined another knit-along besides the mystery stole! I'm doing the stole one too. Good luck with your projects!

~laurie said...

Thanks for the comment :)
One of the good side affects..er..effects? looks like i've lost my grammar mojo
ok start again lol
One of the good things about knitting the stole this way is that i will be more relaxed i think. Knitting for pleasure and not feeling pressured which sometimes i do to myself too ( joining too many things and having too many selfimposed deadlines steals the zen right offa the knitting don't you think?)
Can't wait to see the first clue1