What's all the shouting about? I got my final package from my secret pal and the reveal. This wonderful package came from Vicki over at http://vickiknits.blogspot.com . I've had so much fun getting to know her! She is making sure that I get some new experiences in knitting. In her last package she sent me a needle felting kit. In this package she sent me some items to learn a new skill. I'll show you the picture. See if you can figure out what I will be learning to do this year!

I've been thinking about dyeing my own yarn to make socks for the last few months and I couldn't believe it when I opened the box and saw the yarn and kool-aid. Vicki also gave me some sock yarn in "Morning Glory" . I've never used malabrigo yarn, but have wanted to try it. The color is a yummy looking and soft to the touch "velvet grape". Now I just have to pick out a pattern! I love it all. This should keep me blog postings for a while.

In the box was also some delicious dark chocolate truffles and Milk chocolate clouds (with caramel and pecans). Both are natural /no preservatives. See, a secret pal can even keep you healthy. I also go a really pretty journal to keep track of my knitting adventures or...

The tea light candles (didn't make it into photo) made the whole box smell awesome. I have had a great time getting to know you Secret Pal! I love the packages, e-mail and cards. I'm glad I got to know you!!! I'll be dropping by your blog to see what your up to!

P.S Vicki, I bet you didn't know even the box you sent is a gift. As soon as I had taken everything out of the box to photograph, Samantha took one flying leap and landed in the box. She got herself ready for photo op! Her green eyes are so hard to capture on camera sometimes. She looks like an alien!!! Thanks again, for such a fun time!
The person I got to spoil was Adelle from http://www.girliscrafty.com She is a very talented knitter with a great blog. She also travels more than anyone I know! I'm envious!!! Go visit her!
Well that's it for this post. This round of secret pal is done. I've done the last 2 rounds (SP8& SP9). I'm going to sit the next one out and go back for more in the summer!


Chris said...

What a great SP! I love that color of Malabrigio. Hmm, will you be learning to dye yarn soon? :)

Hi, Samantha - looks like you got a great gift, too!

Diane said...

What a great package! And what is it with cats and boxes?

irishmama said...

Great package, cats are as bad as kids with boxes.

Macoco said...

What a great package! Glad that you had such a great SP. ;)

Vicki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the package. It was fun putting it together!