Where's the snow...Just kidding!

Patty, my hostess for this round of Secret Pal 9 has one last contest for us. We have to tell why we like and/or don't like snow. So, here it goes:
Reasons I like Snow:
1. I loved waking up to snow as a kid and knowing it meant a day home from school.
2. It's beautiful to see it on blanket the outside
3. The whiteness of the snow and the fact no two snowflakes are alike.
4. Snows texture and sound: It can be fluffy, crunchy, cold, light enough to blow it around.
5. The way it sits on my eyelashes
6. Snow Angels and snowmen
7. Snowball fights and making snow forts
8. Seeing bird and animal footprints in the snow
9. Skating on a pond while the snow swirls around me

Reasons I hate Snow

1. As an adult waking up to snow and thinking "Damn, I gotta go to work in this crap!" and no snow days!!!
2. Its beautiful until it gets dirty and yellow (yuck)!
3. It's terrible to drive in...Icy roads, crazy drivers,and whiteouts
4. Brushing that crunchy or heavy wet snow off the car and try to get into the block of ice, so I can start the car!
5. Still like the way it sits on my eyelashes!
6. Snow is now a health hazard. At my age, If make a snow angel, people will think "She's fallen ,call 911...Hope she didn't break a hip"
7. Adults who make snow angels and snowmen must be accompanied by a child.
8. Still nuts about nature!!
9. No time for skating and swirling snow. Gotta shovel the damn stuff..Oh my aching back!

So far, Most of New England has been devoid of snow. I feel for all you skiers out there, but...


sandra said...

And we are still waiting for snow here! Kids ask daily when it is gonna come! Such nagging kids!
Keep your fingers crossed for snow here!

Diane said...

I love the lack of snow this year! The only thing I miss is not being able to take the grandsons sledding. 72 degrees yesterday ... a new record temp in CT.

Chris said...

I love your lists! I'm with you on nearly everyone, although I hate it when snow melts on my glasse.